W.C. Fields

W.C. Fields Festival - The Great Radio Feuds.

Side 1 - Communing With Nature, and Father's Day.

Side 2 - The Golf Game, Elephants, and Laughs Take a Holiday.

W.C. Fields Festival - The Further Adventures of Larson E. Whipsnade.

Side 1 - Strike Up The Band, Fire in The Home, and Life Among The Bolivians.

Side 2 - Tales of Michael Finn: A Tender Balad, Romeo and Juliet, and Scurvy Among The Extras, Jabberwocky & Etc.

W.C. Fields and Mae West.

Side 1 - The Temperance Lecture, and The Day I Drank a Glass of Water.

Side 2 - Eight songs by Mae West.

Magnificent Rogue: The Adventures of W.C. Fields. Exactly as heard on NBC radio's Biography In Sound Feb 28, 1956.

Side 1 - Narrated by Fred Allen.

Side 2 - Narrated by Fred Allen.

Original and Authentic Recordings by the Great W.C. Fields.

Side 1 - The Temperance Lecture.

Side 2 - The Day I Drank a Glass of Water.

W.C. Fields - The Original Voice Tracks From His Greatest Movies.

Side 1 - The philosphy of W.C. Fields, The sound of W.C. Fields, The Rascality of W.C. Fields, and The Chicanery of W.C. Fields.

Side 2 - W.C. Fields: The braggart and the teller of tall tales, The spirt of W.C. Fields, W.C. Fields: a man against children, motherhood, fatherhood and brotherhood, and W.C. Fields: creator of weird names.

W.C. Fields - On Radio.

Side 1 - Skunk Trap, Children, Old Friends and Old Wine, Feathered Friends, Moths, Snake Story, and The Temperance Lecture.

Side 2 - Promotions Unlimited, The Swim to Catalina Island, The Pharmacist (aka Dilweg's Drugstore).

W.C. Fields - Original Radio Broadcasts (a picture disc).

Side 1 - Dilweg's Drugstore.

Side 2 - Promotions Unlimited (part 2 is first).

Lux Radio Theater Presents: W.C. Fields - Poppy.

Side 1 - Part One.

Side 2 - Part Two.

W.C. Fields - His Best Comedy Routines.

Side 1 - n/a.

Side 2 - At the Barber, Old Friends and Old Wine, Feathered Friends, Moths, Rattlesnake, Temperance Lecture (Live), Promotions Unlimited, and The Swim to Catalina Island.

W.C. Fields - His famous 'Temperence Lecture' and other selected radio performances.

Side 1 - Temperance Lecture (Live), The Day I Drank a Glass of Water, Talking Dog, Chicago Molly, and False Arrest.

Side 2 - Dilweg's Drugstore, The Adventures of Michael Finn (incomplete), Skunk Trap, &etc.

Radio Reruns - Presenting W.C. Fields.

Side 1 - There's a Lot of Elephant in Me. (Bergen & McCarthy)

Side 2 - Freeze Until Half Stiff (aka The Temperance Lecture).

Side 3 - Never Give a Sucker an Even Break. (Poppy)

Side 4 - A-fric-a (aka Promotions Unlimited), and Dilweg's Drugstore.

W.C. Fields - Your Father's Mustache.

Not W.C. Fields. A misleading title, therefore not available here.