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The Marx Brothers - The Original Voice Tracks From Their Greatest Movies.

Side 1 - Film excerpts highlighting each of the Marx Brothers: Meet the Brothers Marx, The Inimitable Groucho, The Implausible Chico, and The Sounds of Harpo. Gary Owens narrates.

Side 2 - Film excerpts highlighting Marx Brothers routines: The Zaniness of the Marx Brothers, The Collected Speeches of Groucho, Chico in Recital, and Groucho Marx Does His Thing. Gary Owens narrates.

When Radio Was King! - Groucho Marx

Side 1 - You Bet Your Life - Paul Runyan.

Side 2 - Hollywood Agents (incomplete).

Groucho On Radio

Side 1 - Greetings From Groucho, Hollywood Agents (Complete), Command Performance - Quiz Shows.

Side 2 - You Bet Your Life - Tallulah Bankhead.

Radio Reruns - The Marx Brothers

Download - Hollywood Agents and Time Marxes On

Groucho Marx - You Bet Your Life

Side 1 - David Ewen - music pedant author.

Side 2 - Ralph (Wild Red) Berry - the wrestler.

You Bet Your Life - cassette

Side 1 - Gypsy Gene.

Side 2 - n/a.

Here's Groucho

The Bell Telephone Hour Mikado (1960)

Gilbert & Sullivan operetta featuring Groucho as Ko-Ko.

Side 1

Side 2

An Evening With Groucho

Groucho traces his career with stories, anecdotes and songs in front of a live audience.

Record 1 Side A - Overture, Introduction, Hello I Must Be Going, Jack Benny Tribute, My Family How We Got Our Names, Strange Relatives: Uncle Julius, Chico At Klauber Horn Co., Uncle Herman: Chiropodist, Timbuctoo. (Transcript)

Record 1 Side B - Annie Berger, Vaudeville In Toronto, Oh How That Woman Could Cook, Toronto Song, London Stories: Polish Officer Story, Churchill & 2nd World War, Tough Chicago Critic Story, Palace Theatre: Sarah Bernhardt, Fanny Brice - Swayne's Rats And Cats, Poem From The Play "Animal Crackers". (Transcript)

Record 2 Side A - T.S. Eliot Memorial: Laurence Olivier's Lap, 2nd World War Bond Tour, Houdini Story, Always, Stay Down Where You Belong, Otto Kahn Story, W.C. Fields: Beebee Gun, Prohibition, Baby Leroy, Heaven's Above. (Transcript)

Record 2 Side B - Everybody Works But Father, Father's Day, Margaret Dumont, Thalberg Story: Garbo, Sampson and Delilah Story, Will Rogers: Baseball In Baltimore, Priests' Stories: Plaza Hotel, Montreal, Rome, Show Me A Rose, Lydia The Tattooed Lady. (Transcript)

Three Hours... Fifty-Nine Minutes... Fifty-One Seconds With... The Marx Brothers

Record 1 Side A - Greetings From Groucho, Hollywood Agents, Groucho Marx Attorney at Law.

Record 1 Side B - You Bet Your Life - Tallulah Bankhead.

Record 2 Side A - Abraham, Time Marxes On, Groucho's Mother, Second Movement from the Beer Barrel Polka.

Record 2 Side B - A Conversation with Harpo, Dr Hackenbush, Groucho the Patient.

Record 3 Side A - Pagliacci, Groucho in the Marines, African Explorer.

Record 3 Side B - Noodlin' Around, Groucho the Hypochondriac, Groucho in Chicago.

Record 4 Side A - The Start of the Marx Brothers, The All Star Cowboy Hour, The Spiwiit of Spwing, Command Performance - Quiz Shows.

Record 4 Side B - A Mink For Jolson, A Quiz For Jolson, A Baseball Team For Jolson, A Laundry For Jolson.

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