Marx Bros

  • Noodlin Around with Private Dave Newman (7:20) - 6.7mb
    Chico's famous rendition of Gyspy Love Song.

  • African Explorer (19:47) - 18.2mb
    Lucille Ball applies for a job as a secretary for G.I. Journal. Johnny Weismuller drops in during the interview. Verna Felton places an ad offering a reward for her dog. The tale of Livingston Marx looking for the missing link but they're captured by the Amazons. Tarzan will rescue them if they agree to help find boy, his son, Mel Blanc, but the queen of the amazons is his wife, Jane, and shoos him back home again. (Transcript)

  • Command Performance - Quiz Shows (10:51) - 10.0mb
    Groucho hosts "Dr People Are Double Take It Truth Or Ignorance It Pays To Be Information Or Leave It And Let The Quiz Kids Take The Consequences" then he sings Lydia The Tattooed Lady. Ken Carpenter announces.

  • Groucho's Mother (12:59) - 11.9mb
    Bill Goodwyn speaks with Groucho who introduces Betty Grable, his mother. Betty is in love and asks Groucho's advice. She describes a dreary evening with her sweetheart, Charlie. The punchline is: don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me.

  • Old Time Galfriend (3:55) - 3.6mb
    Groucho sings I'm Dreaming Of My Old Time Galfriend.

  • 1933-05-15 - FSF - Hollywood Film Art Company (12:05) - 2.1mb
    Killer Martin is terrorizing the film set so Flywheel and Ravelli take over production but Killer decides to rob the place instead.

  • 1933-05-22 - FSF - Bus Tour (final minutes) (4:37) - 0.8mb
    Flywheel and Ravelli take a bunch of ladies on a bus tour but the bus has no brakes and Ravelli can't drive.

  • 1933-05-22 - FSF - Weekend at Rivington's (21:33) - 19.8mb
    Flywheel and Ravelli are stowed away on a ship and attempt to sneak off. Flywheel poses as Sir Roderick Mortimer, the explorer, and he and Ravelli are invited to Mrs. Rivingston's Long Island home for the weekend. Flywheel and Ravelli get settled in, avoid a press conference and give a dinner speech about Africa. News of an escaped lion from the circus sends everyone into a panic. Mrs. Rivington intercepts Flywheel and Ravelli sneaking out. Flywheel proposes to Mrs. Rivington but she's already married; Ravelli thinks the lion is a dog and takes him along as he looks for Flywheel. The real Roderick shows up, Flywheel and Ravelli make a break for it but the lion follows so they hide in a cage from the circus but get locked in; turns out it's a patrol wagon and they're carted off to jail.

  • 1937 - Time Marxes On (9:04) - 8.3mb
    An MGM promo for: A Day At The Races, the life of Dr. Hackenbush, a radio appearance by Harpo, an after-preview reporter, and a short medley.

  • 1938 - Hollywood Agents (20:08) - 18.5mb
    Groucho and Chico enact the life of those unsung heros: hollywood agents. Also, the first time Groucho fell in love, then came the war and pennies from heaven. Finally, a song by Hollis Shaw.

  • 1943 - Second Movement from The Beer Barrel Polka (4:19) - 4.0mb
    Chico and his orchestra perform on the Fitch Bandwagon.

  • 1943-12-00 - Pagliacci (5:55) - 5.4mb
    Chico leads his orchestra in Pagliacci for the Fitch Bandwagon.

  • 1943-12-00 - Start Of The Marx Bros (6:26) - 5.9mb
    Chico tells about the early days. Kim Kimberly sings Mr Five-By-Five.

  • 1943-12-20 - Abraham (5:26) - 5.0mb
    Chico leads Mel Torme in Abraham for the Fitch Bandwagon.

  • 1944 - A Conversation With Harpo (7:29) - 6.9mb
    Jack Benny and Bing Crosby interview Harpo through his interpreter Gary Cooper. Harpo and Bing do My Blue Heaven. (Transcript)

  • 1944-01-26 - Orson Welles Almanac (6:54) - 6.3mb
    Groucho helps Welles get settled on the west coast, flirts with Orson's secretary, and then will get him into pictures.

  • 1944-02-20 - Jack Benny - with Groucho (excerpt) (10:26) - 9.6mb
    Groucho and Jack compete at checkers.

  • 1944-02-20 - Jack Benny - with Groucho (complete) (29:27) - 27.0mb
    Same as above but the entire program.

  • 1944-03-12 - Dr Hackenbush (9:35) - 8.8mb
    Philco Radio Hall Of Fame pays tribute to Groucho as Intern Dr G. Hackenbush Marx. Dr. Marrow, Superintendent of Nurses is Verna Felton, the patient is Mel Blanc. They almost operate. Another patient is referred to a tree surgeon.

  • 1945 - The Hypochondriac (14:10) - 13.0mb
    Groucho sends his disinfector, Amoeba J. Bacteria, ahead of him to the Dinah Shore Program. Dinah and Harry Von Zel, plan to cure Groucho by delving into his childhood. That doesn't work so they'll try to analyze his dreams. That's worse so they go back to his childhood where they discover he was traumatized by a haunted house in which he caught a cold. He's cured but Harry becomes a hypochondriac instead.

  • 1945 - The Patient (14:55) - 13.7mb
    The doctor orders Groucho to stay home. Marilyn Maxwell wants to get Groucho up for the show, but Harry Von Zel conspires to keep him away. Dr. Dingledoffer comes over to finish him off. Dr. Billingsly comes over to finish Harry off. Dr Hackenbush sings A Doctor Is A Man's Best Friend.

  • 1945 - The Spwiwit Of Spwing (10:34) - 9.7mb
    Groucho writes a poem on Spring but he's interrupted by the secretary for the Spwiwit Of Spwing, Dinah Shore, who leads him to the Spwiwit, Mel Blanc, to see how he laughs at winter. They re-enact the Spring days in their lives, but Harry Von Zel doesn't like his role in the play so they switch parts and do it again, but Dinah doesn't like the way Groucho's behaving and demands they switch parts and do it again, but Groucho and Harry can't get past ad lib jokes so the Spwiwit Of Spwing wraps it up.

  • 1945-01-17 - Mail Call - Double Indemnity (31:01) - 7.1mb
    Groucho hosts. Carlos Ramírez sings Sibonne. Leon Belasco does predictions. Gloria DeHaven sings Mood For Love. Gene Krupa, Charlie Ventura, and Teddy Napoleon play Stompin' at the Savoy (very well too). Ida Lupino, Robert Benchley and Groucho play Double Indemnity. Gloria DeHaven and Groucho sing the Trolley Song. Harry Von Zel announces.

  • 1945-03-18 - Noodlin Around with Max (10:19) - 9.5mb
    Chico's famous rendition of Gyspy Love Song for the Philco Radio Hall of Fame.

  • 1945-06-10 - In The Marines (6:04) - 5.6mb
    Groucho dramatizes a letter from his nephew describing life in the marines.

  • 1947-02-12 - Attorney at Law (10:35) - 9.7mb
    Groucho Marx, Shyster at Law, is suing Bing Crosby for splashing mud on his client, Ms Lana Wartcruncher, as he drove past. Groucho and Bing sing Go West Young Man.

  • 1947-04-30 - In Chicago (9:13) - 8.5mb
    Groucho sells Bing Crosby a bus tour. Then they sing A Fussin' a Fightin' and a Feudin' with the Park Avenue Hillbillie, Dorothy Shay.

  • 1948-11-18 - A Quiz For Jolson (7:22) - 6.8mb
    Groucho, Al and Oscar Levant do a special version of You Bet Your Life. Levant plays Jolson's wife.

  • 1949-01-13 - A Mink For Jolson (7:31) - 6.9mb
    Groucho, Al and Oscar Levant discuss aging and buying, among other things, mink coats.

  • 1949-04-07 - A Baseball Team For Jolson (10:30) - 9.6mb
    Groucho tries to sell Oscar Levant an elephant. Groucho, Al and Levant discuss aging and buying, among other things, a ball team - The Belair Bloomer Girls. Al and Groucho sing The Little German Band.

  • 1949-05-26 - A Laundry For Jolson (7:11) - 6.6mb
    Groucho wants Al to be a salesman and tries to sell him a car, then tries to get him to go into the ice business, then take a job in a self-service night club, then swindle him with a laundry mat, then buy Arthur Murry's dance school. Oscar Levant took a powder for this one.

  • 1950-11-12 - You Bet Your Life with Tallulah Bankhead (32:21) - 29.7mb
    Flirting with special co-host Tallulah Bankhead, and doing commercials for Plebo. Groucho sings One Enchanted Evening. First contestant Mr Higgins and baby snooks with category presidents. Talk about Ms Bankhead's career. She and Groucho perform a short english drawing room drama. Next contestant is the band leader, Meredith Willson, with category actors. Next contestants are Etio Pinza and Jane Powell with category songs. Ms Bankhead almost sings Give My Regards To Broadway.

  • 1951 - after the Fred Allen Show (7:41) - 1.8mb
    Fred and Groucho talk informally about the audience, California, vaudeville, Eddie Cantor, girls, and other things.

  • 1972-04-16 - Greetings From Groucho (1:06) - 1.0mb
    A sixty second autobiography.
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