Easy Aces

  • 001 - Jane Writes a Letter (13:11) - 3.0mb
    Jane’s an infinitive-splitting literary critic and wistful nostalgist while replying to a letter from her sister, as Ace and Marge Hale (Jane’s friend, who boards with the Aces, played by Mary Hunter) listen in amusement. (Classic Jane-ism: “You shouldn’t judge a book by its lover.”)

  • 002 - Jane Buys Johnny Two Suits (12:13) - 2.8mb
    She charges them to Ace’s credit account. He learns the hard way when he gets the bill. It was because of what brother-in-law Johnny (played by Paul Stewart) isn’t getting: any of the Everett money into which he recently married. His new father-in-law wants Johnny to perform a four-letter word. (It begins with ‘w’.)

  • 003 - Johnny Argues with Ace about Getting a Job (11:48) - 2.7mb
    Johnny repays Ace. The brothers-in-law nearly rumble over his reluctance to work for Everett. Johnny thinks his wealthy new father-in-law should make him a top executive sight unseen. His wife and father-in-law have another idea.

  • 004 - Johnny Gets a Job at Everett's Store (12:37) - 2.9mb
    Everett tells Ace he’ll have Johnny work in his big department store as an undercover house detective. Johnny tells Marge his plan to sell Everett on his potential. Alice tells Jane about her father’s plan. Everyone swears everyone else to keeping it quiet. “Dumb’s the word,” says Jane.

  • 005 - Johnny Starts His New Job (12:41) - 2.9mb
    He’s also working nights. And everyone’s still keeping the secret of his undercover work. That’s nothing compared to the big secret Johnny himself is trying to keep.

  • 006 - What Is Johnny Doing at Night (12:00) - 2.8mb
    He’s working secretly with the police to trap Everett store workers who’ve been stealing furs from the store warehouse. The secrecy drives Alice, Ace, and Jane just a little mad.

  • 007 - Catching Fur Thieves (11:35) - 2.7mb
    Alice discovers where Johnny goes but not really why. Johnny and a police captain plan a trap. Alice overhears their telephone conversation and convinces Jane to go with her to the warehouse. Mistake number one.

  • 008 - Jane Tips off the Thieves (12:02) - 2.8mb
    Alice and Jane surprise the thieves, spoil the trap, and get locked up awhile.

  • 009 - Neff Wants Jane to Sell Land to Everett (12:43) - 2.9mb
    Ace annoys Jane by calling constantly the next morning: he wants to be sure she’s not meddling again. Johnny gives realtor Ace an inside tip: Everett wants to build a major downtown parking facility. They agree to keep it confidential to block Jane’s meddling. Rival enterpreneur T.Y. Neff wants to sell Everett a different plot---and plots for Jane to make the sale.

  • 010 - Neff Talks to Jane about Deal (11:55) - 2.7mb
    Neff tries to describe his land to Jane. The emphasis is on tries.

  • 011 - Phone Calls (12:12) - 2.8mb
    Ace and Jane each wait for calls about their potential Everett deals. They strain to keep each other from learning the details. The intrigue amuses Marge.

  • 012 - Jane Sees Everett About Neff's Land (10:55) - 2.5mb
    She arrives as Ace departs and tells Everett she represents “a friend.” Everett puts two and two together and thinks it equals Ace. And he likes that kind of “wifely devotion”---even if she’s quoting a price $10,000 higher than her husband actually quoted.

  • 013 - Jane and Neff Talk About Deal (12:41) - 2.9mb
    Jane wangles a commission advance out of Neff. Everett tells Johnny his sister’s “wifely devotion” convinced him to buy Ace’s lot.

  • 014 - Everett Talks to Ace about Deal (12:52) - 3.0mb
    The owner of the plot Ace wants to sell Everett frets over the deal. Ace waits to hear back from Everett, who agrees to buy the lot Jane represents---still thinking she represents Ace’s plot. Jane still thinks Everett’s agreeing to Neff’s plot. The plots, ahem, thicken.

  • 015 - Ace Finds Out About Jane and Neff (11:51) - 0.0mb
    The hard way, as usual---on the day Jane brings Neff to sign with Everett . . . right after Everett signs with Ace. (Isn't that awful?)

  • 016 - Neff Sues over Land Deal (11:48) - 2.7mb
    Ace explains the mix-up to Marge. Marge suggests the Aces take a vacation. Jane won’t take one unless Marge goes along. They get a suggestion to go to court instead---a lawsuit from Neff. Says Jane: “Well, I won’t go anywhere unless Marge goes.” Says Ace: “Isn’t that awful.”

  • 017 - Ace's Lawyer Is Out of Town (12:03) - 2.8mb
    It leaves Ace at the mercy of partner Mr. Kelly, who never bothers with the truth unless he has to. It leaves Marge sounding like Jane: “If you’d have notified him in advance that you were going to be sued, I’m sure he’d have stayed in town.”

  • 018 - Neff's New Lawyer Needs a Suit (12:27) - 2.9mb
    Ace tries to convince Mr. Kelly to stick to the facts---even if they might embarrass Jane. Neff’s new lawyer is young, ambitious, eager to make a splash, and anxious to do it in a brand-new suit. Jane refuses to stand for two weeks. (Her words, not ours . . .)

  • 019 - Getting Ready for Trial (12:44) - 2.9mb
    For Jane, it means you have to look like you can afford to be sued for $10,000 . . .

  • 020 - Jane Gives Neff's Lawyer Ace's Suit (12:30) - 2.9mb
    First, she asks Neff to postpone the trial so she can buy the appropriate clothes. Then she gives him her piece of mind about his push for an early start. “And after all the business we had,” she purrs. She meets his new young lawyer, Mr. Johnson, and becomes convinced to lend him one of Ace’s old suits. This is called blind justice.

  • 021 - Jane Gives Away a Vest (12:03) - 2.8mb
    Johnson has an even more ambitious young fiancée, Ethel. She coaxes him into asking gullible Jane to lend him one of Ace’s old vests to go with Ace’s old suit.

  • 022 - Studying for the Trial (12:38) - 2.9mb
    After the trial’s first day, little does Ace know how right he is when he thinks he's seen Johnson before. Jane studies Kelly’s questions and answers. Kelly learns of an old squabble between Neff and a woman and decides to use it against Neff with Jane playing femme fatale---hoping Johnson objects, leading to an out-of-court settlement.

  • 023 - Jane Testifies in Court (12:15) - 2.8mb
    Jane inadvertently tips Johnson to the strategy. On the stand, she plays the femme fatale as pre-arranged---but Johnson throws Kelly when he doesn't object. Jane objects to the non-objection. The judge objects and fines Jane for contempt. Blind justice should have been deaf . . .

  • 024 - Jane's Testimony - Aftermath (12:04) - 2.8mb
    Ace still thinks there’s something familiar about Johnson. Neff thinks the Aces have enough on him that he’s willing to drop the suit. Neff insists Johnson invite Jane to talk privately about ending the suit. Ace instructs Jane to visit Neff with an offer to settle for half the $10,000.

  • 025 - Neff Settles the Suit with Jane (11:31) - 2.6mb
    Ace is nervous when Jane goes to talk to Neff. He has reason: Neff thinks Jane wants him to pay $5,000 to settle, not that the Aces want to pay that amount to settle.

  • 026 - Ace Finds out about Neff's Settlement (12:06) - 2.8mb
    Jane tells Ace and Marge about the settlement meeting. And, about the unexpected settlement. The check’s in the mail.

  • 027 - Ace Finds out about His Suit (12:18) - 2.8mb
    Ace returns the unexpected payment. Johnson visits to return his old suit and vest. Jane still tries to keep them a secret from Ace. Johnson and Ethel let slip that they want to elope. Ace tries to get Ethel to tell him more about Johnson. Jane lets Johnson keep the suit for the elopement---until an accidental rip on the way out the door compels his apology.

  • 028 - Ace Sets Up a Bridge Game (12:59) - 3.0mb
    Ace learns a friendly game of bridge might soften up his stubborn new client about an expensive new home. Mr. Hudson’s wife loves to win at bridge---and Ace has just the partner to guarantee that result. Until Jane decides to take some fast lessons . . .

  • 029 - Jane Takes Bridge Lessons (12:39) - 2.9mb
    Jane befuddles bridge instructor Shelby. Mrs. Hudson fumes over losing at bridge the previous night. Ace discovers she makes most of the couple’s financial decisions and convinces her a night of bridge with the Aces will relax her---especially with Jane’s playing. Shelby inadvertently gives Jane an idea . . .

  • 030 - Cheating at Bridge (11:21) - 2.6mb
    Jane arranges the game in Ace’s den, to Ace’s surprise---but that’s where the phone is. Shelby phones Jane with instructions while the game is in progress. Ace finally takes the phone off the hook to stop the distractions.

    (Note: This is the last of the syndicated episode transcriptions to include Goodman Ace's sign-on---"Ladies and gentlemen--Easy Aces"---and the organ theme, "Manhattan Serenade.")

  • 031 - Runaway Boy (11:24) - 2.6mb
    Ace tells Jane losing to the Hudsons last night was good business. A small boy calling himself Daniel Boone rings the Aces’ doorbell asking for food and shelter. Danny barrels in saying he ran away from parents who don’t understand him. Jane can’t convince him to return home. Danny agrees to go after Jane feeds him---but doesn’t leave.

  • 032 - Ace Finds Out About the Runaway (10:32) - 2.4mb
    Ace reads about a runaway in the newspaper---unaware the boy spent the night in his basement. Jane tells Ace about Danny, who panics in the basement. Ace shows Danny his picture in the paper, then scares him by reading him the story while telling Jane his real name.

  • 033 - Jane Wants to Adopt a Baby (10:54) - 2.5mb
    Depressed over Danny returning home, Jane decides the Aces should adopt a child from an orphanage. Marge suggests the Aces give it a try. Jane visits an orphanage and takes a liking to a tall, strong, slow-witted young man who grew up there---and is a month away from being free to leave the orphanage as a legal adult.

    (Ken Roberts, who plays Cokie, will return with the Aces in mr. ace and JANE as that show's announcer and as himself as their next-door neighbour.)

  • 038 - Cokie Knocks out Ace and Johnny (10:46) - 2.5mb
    Ace tells Cokie he’ll line up a job for him when he turns 21 and free to leave the orphanage. Cokie fears he’ll be like the other children “nobody wants.” When Ace and Johnny try to force him to leave, Cokie knocks each man out with a single punch. That gives Johnny and Ace an idea once each comes to . . .

  • 039 - Cokie Might Be a Prizefighter (10:36) - 2.4mb
    Ace is amused over Jane singing a lullaby while sewing a pair of fighter trunks for Cokie. Jane is leery about building Cokie into “the overweight champion of the world.” Johnny takes Cokie to work out in the Everett mansion gym.

  • 040 - Neal Gets Cokie a Fight (10:48) - 2.5mb
    Johnny and Ace continue working Cokie out. Marge’s newspaper reporter boyfriend, Neal Williams, comes to the Aces to meet Cokie, who hopes Neal can give him a newspaper buildup. Ace is sore from Cokie’s medicine ball workout. Neal surprises Marge and Jane by arranging a bout for Cokie.

  • 041 - Cokie's First Fight (10:30) - 2.4mb
    Johnny rubs down Cokie before his five-round debut bout. Neal comes to the dressing room and appraises Cokie. Jane brings Cokie the trunks she made for him. Neal shows Johnny and Ace Cokie’s opponent before the bout. Jane makes sure he can’t “get hit on the button.” That helps end the fight in one round . . .

  • 043 - Cokie Is Set up for a Knock-out (11:01) - 2.5mb
    Jane becomes Cokie’s manager and leaves home until Cokie wins a fight, staying with Neal’s mother. Neal gets Cokie a second fight---with a boxer Neal and Ace think will knock him out cold enough to turn him off boxing for a living. Ace and Marge are amused by Jane’s note. Jane and Neal go to the gym to watch Cokie work out.

  • 044 - Jane Takes a $1,000 Bribe (11:11) - 2.6mb
    Jane continues training Cokie. Ace has secured Cokie a job at Everett. Neal convinces Ace that Cokie’s new opponent, Ruffy Tornello, will knock the kid into the middle of next month. Ace gets down a bet on Tornello. Tornello breaks training and his manager, Wheeler, offers Jane $1,000 to make Cokie “lay down.” But Wheeler and Jane don’t exactly mean the same thing by laying down . . .

  • 045 - Cokie's Second Fight (10:44) - 2.5mb
    Jane refuses to let Cokie lay down when she realizes he needs more preparation for the fight. Neal checks on Jane and Cokie. Wheeler checks on Cokie and Jane. The second fight doesn’t exactly go according to plan . . .

  • 046 - Ace Is Working Nights (10:35) - 2.4mb
    Ace and Jane return after separating over a misunderstanding. Ace tells Jane he has to work nights to catch up on a month's worth of piled-up work. A gossipy neighbour makes Jane wonder why Ace is really out nights. Jane phones the office . . . and Ace isn’t there.

  • 047 - Jane Is Worried about What Ace Is Doing at Night (10:31) - 2.4mb
    Marge talks Jane out of asking Ace where he really was. Ace tells his secretary he’s really sitting for a portrait as a surprise to Jane, in lieu of a real estate commission. Ace tries to beg off a night’s posing to ease Jane’s worries. Jane calls Ace's office pretending to be another woman.

  • 048 - Jane Follows Ace in a Taxi (10:58) - 2.5mb
    . . . and she sees Ace leaving a house with a woman. What she doesn't know drives her crazy: The house belongs to the artist painting Ace’s portrait, and the woman is the artist's wife---whom Ace is driving to tend her stricken sister . . .

  • 049 - Jane Confides In Johnny (10:41) - 2.5mb
    Jane tells Johnny her suspicions about Ace. Marge tells Ace about Jane’s suspicions. Ace tells Marge about the portrait. Johnny offers to call Jane pretending to be another man.

  • 050 - Jane Tries to Make Ace Jealous (10:59) - 2.5mb
    Johnny calls Jane twice pretending to be suitors. Ace and Marge are amused by the apparent game. Jane takes a third such call but there's a surprise on the other line . . .

  • 051 - The Old Boyfriend (10:44) - 2.5mb
    Marge tells Ace Johnny plans to send a colleague to the house pretending to be one of Jane’s old boyfriends. Ace delays his portrait session to see (and spoil) the charade. Johnny’s colleague Jack arrives and doesn't know which woman's Jane---grabbing Marge first. Jack plays his role to the hilt, to Jane’s dismay, until Ace encourages them to have fun while he’s out . . .

  • 052 - The Portrait Is Finished (11:08) - 2.6mb
    The finished portrait arrives at Ace’s office. Johnny talks Jane out of slapping the “other woman.” Ace has his secretary, Miss Wilson, call Jane and ask her to drive into town, so Miss Wilson can get the portrait into the house and keep up the surprise. “I’m calling for Mr. Ace,” says Miss Wilson. I’m thinking the worst, thinks Jane . . .

  • 053 - The Other Woman (11:35) - 2.7mb
    Johnny waits with Jane for Miss Wilson. Miss Wilson brings the portrait to the house. Jane and Johnny confront Miss Wilson about the "affair." Miss Wilson tells Johnny and Jane she called at Ace’s request. Johnny calls Ace’s office, learns the truth on the phone, and helps Miss Wilson prepare a hanging. (Of the portrait . . . )

  • 054 - New Neighbor Is Director Doing Screen Test (12:07) - 2.8mb
    Ace, Jane, and Marge are beguiled by piano music coming from the newly arrived next-door neighbour. Neal reveals he’s famed film director Arthur Lorentz, studying their town for his new film---and looking for a local girl for a key role, as part of a contest by Neal’s paper. Three guesses who thinks she’s going to win that contest. (Hint: It isn’t Marge . . .)

  • 055 - Jane Thinks of a Name for the Screen (11:23) - 2.6mb
    Screen-struck Jane begins thinking about a film name. Marge and Ace are amused by her list of possibilities. Lorentz visits the Aces to get acquainted and describe his film project. Jane finally picks a screen name . . .

  • 056 - Jane Wants Neal to Get Her the Script (11:37) - 2.7mb
    Ace needles Marge about Neal’s operation of the newspaper contest. “Jane Jane” (a la Simone Simone) plunges into acting, including dark glasses that cause a household mishap. She also hopes Neal will get her a head start toward winning---a copy of Lorentz’s movie script. Lorentz may have a candidate picked out already . . .

  • 057 - Neal Thinks Lorentz Wants Jane in His Movie (11:47) - 2.7mb
    “Jane Jane” mixes up titles when she buys two books she thinks will help her acting. Ace helps her practice, with a slightly ulterior motive. Lorentz confides to Neal that he may have found his choice before the contest screen tests begin: “the young lady next door.” Neal thinks Lorentz means Jane.

  • 058 - Lorentz Tries to Get Marge for His Movie (12:15) - 2.8mb
    Jane gets Ace to help her rehearse the script. Neal is buried in the contest applications, then finds Lorentz isn’t home. Over a surprise dinner at a local tea room, Lorentz surprises Marge by saying he really wants her for the film. Marge surprises Lorentz even more---by refusing.

  • 059 - Jane's Screen Test (11:24) - 2.6mb
    Jane goes for the contest screen test. Other contestants admit they tried getting Lorentz’s blustery assistant to dine them before the tests. Lorentz tells his assistant he hopes Marge changes her mind and accepts the role. Jane takes her screen test. Lorentz has his assistant invite Neal to his house.

  • 060 - Neal Gets Jealous Over Lorentz (12:10) - 2.8mb
    Jane describes the screen tests. Marge cautions Jane against overconfidence. Lorentz tells Neal he wants Marge, not Jane, but that Marge turned down the opportunity. Neal is amused, then angry after learning Marge had dinner with Lorentz. Neal and Marge argue. Jane thinks Marge “stabbed me in the back when I wasn’t looking.”

  • 061 - Marge and Jane Stop Speaking (12:20) - 2.8mb
    Jane laments Marge’s “betrayal” while Ace tries to convince Jane they’ll patch it up, eventually. Neal calls the Aces hoping to talk to Marge, who isn’t home. Ace tells Jane Marge won’t let Neal talk to her. Lorentz asks Jane to convince Marge to take the part, before realising Jane and Marge fell out over it.

  • 062 - Lorentz Tries to Woo Marge (12:05) - 2.8mb
    Jane and Marge still aren’t speaking. Marge and Neal still aren’t speaking. Ace can't keep the scorecard straight. Marge goes out in Lorentz’s chauffeured limousine. Neal apologises to the Aces for his outburst and tries to apologise to Marge. Marge tries to convince Lorentz once more that she doesn’t want a film career.

  • 063 - Jane and Marge Make Up - Betty Lamar Arrives (11:31) - 2.6mb
    Marge tells Ace she wants to make up with Jane---but not with Neal. Marge also talks about rejecting the film firmly to Lorentz. Marge apologises to Jane. Actress Betty Lamar arrives in town and at the Aces looking for her husband---Lorentz.

  • 064 - Betty Pulls a Gun on Neal and Lorentz (11:25) - 2.6mb
    Lorentz is dismayed by the screen tests' results. Betty implies Lorentz’s annual talent hunts have ulterior motives. Neal inadvertently exposes Lorentz’s interest in Marge. Betty holds off Neal and Lorentz with a gun, then goes off to confront Marge.

  • 065 - Betty Tries to Kill Marge (12:17) - 2.8mb
    Marge still won’t speak to Neal or Lorentz, but they want to warn her about Betty. The Aces and Marge decide to go to the movies. Marge thinks Neal’s ringing the doorbell and goes to her room. But it’s Betty, threatening to kill Marge. Marge challenges Betty. Neal and Lorentz arrive as Ace grabs Betty. The gun goes off . . .

  • 066 - Jane Tells the Newspapers Everything (11:46) - 2.7mb
    Lorentz is hospitalized but not seriously wounded. Betty is sedated at the hospital. Everyone wants to avoid a scandal. Ace drives Marge to Neal. Two reporters for Neal’s rival paper trick Jane into telling the story of the shooting . . .

  • 067 - Neal Has an Idea to Save the Day (11:50) - 2.7mb
    The rival paper’s front-page story dismays Ace even though it paints him a hero. Jane tells Ace how she was tricked into telling the story. Neal’s job is on the line until one of Jane’s malaprops gives him a face-saving idea . . . for everyone . . .

  • 068 - The Police Question Jane (12:13) - 2.8mb
    Everyone rehearses their stories. Three guesses who gets hers mixed up when the police come asking questions . . .

  • 069 - Lorenz Says Goodbye to Marge (11:55) - 2.7mb
    Neal’s story saves everyone’s face. Almost inadvertently, Marge reveals why she and Neal can’t think of marriage yet. The Lorentzes want to say goodbye. Ace lends Neal and Marge his car to drive the Lorentzes to the train---in the next town over . . .

  • 070 - Jane Wants Marge to Marry Neal (11:26) - 2.6mb
    Marge's inadvertent revelation sparks Jane to try playing matchmaker for Neal's mother. (Warning: Skips at the beginning of the recording.)

  • 071 - The Aces Try to Fix up Neff and Mrs Williams (1:24) - 0.3mb
    Jane's picked her candidate to woo Mrs. Williams---Neff, from whom the Aces once faced a lawsuit, and with whom Ace is dickering over a new real estate deal. Neff won't budge on paying a three percent commission; Ace won't budge on calling for a standard five percent. (Incomplete recording.)

  • 072 - Mrs Williams Helps Neff's Indigestion (11:35) - 2.7mb
    Ace is wary about Jane trying to match Mrs. Williams and Neff over dinner that started late at the Aces. Mrs. Williams seems to like Neff. Neff suffers indigestion from stress. Mrs. Williams offers to help relieve his ailment.

  • 073 - Jane Get Neff to Ask Mrs Williams Out (11:32) - 2.6mb
    Ace hasn't heard from Neff about their deal in three days. Jane tries to find out why Neff hasn't called. Neff seems interested in seeing Mrs. Williams again, though he's nervous about going dancing as Jane suggests.

  • 074 - Neff Takes Mrs Williams Out (11:32) - 2.6mb
    Ace tells Marge about his struggle negotiating with Neff. Neal wants to talk to the Aces during his dinner break---he's worried about his mother's dinner date with Neff.

  • 075 - Neff and Mrs Williams Take Rhumba Lessons (11:55) - 2.7mb
    Ace frets to Neal about the continued negotiation stall. Neal tells Ace he awoke to see his mother "all dolled up" for another date with Neff---for dancing lessons. Ace is amazed that Neff has taken that kind of interest.

  • 076 - Neal Runs a Story in the Paper about Neff (11:57) - 2.7mb
    Amazement turns to dismay: Ace fears Neff and Mrs. Williams's dancing dates continue blocking his bid to sign a deal with Neff. Jane doesn't think Neal and Marge will get wise to her matchmaking. Neal thinks a gossip item about Neff and his mother might snap Neff's mind back to business.

  • 077 - Neal Works Out a Deal With Neff for Ace (12:06) - 2.8mb
    The gossip item disturbs Neff, who wants Mrs. Williams's name kept out of the papers. Ace fears the item might interfere even more with the potential deal. Neal promises to squelch further such gossip---if Neff agrees to Ace's terms. Jane thinks Neff is ready to marry Mrs. Williams.

  • 078 - Neff Signs a Deal With Ace (11:29) - 2.6mb
    Neff comes to the Ace home to sign the deal. Jane thinks Neff's proposal to Neal means he's ready to marry Mrs. Williams. Ace doesn't want Jane talking about that "proposal" until after he and Neff sign their deal--especially in Marge's earshot.

  • 079 - Jane is Put On a Budget (11:03) - 2.5mb
    Rising household expenses alarm Ace into suggesting Jane start running their home the way Ace runs his real estate business.

  • 080 - Jane Takes Charge of the Household Expenses (12:19) - 2.8mb
    Jane explains the new household expense system to Laura (played by Helene Dumas), who convinces Jane not to cut her salary. But she offers to cut Marge's weekly room and board after learning Marge is budgeting herself.

  • 081 - Jane Tries to Learn How to Run the Household (12:02) - 2.8mb
    Ace isn't entirely comfortable with Jane bringing Laura to his office to help Laura understand about running a business. Jane contemplates comparison shopping and has Laura take a memo---about that night's dinner.

  • 082 - Jane Explains Her Budget to Ace (12:13) - 2.8mb
    Jane's first week running the Ace home like a business finds her in the red. Ace sees red and counts to ten . . .

  • 083 - Laura Is Giving Money and Food to Her Boyfriend (12:03) - 2.8mb
    Still puzzled by her first week's $13 loss, Jane decides to do the marketing herself. And she learns the real reason Laura has trouble keeping the marketing in balance.

  • 084 - The Aces Meet Laura's Boyfriend Harry (12:10) - 2.8mb
    Jane trims the household meals to help make up for the loss. The Aces are surprised to meet Laura's unemployed boyfriend, Harry---who's intimidated meek Laura into supporting him. It takes a debate over an ironing board and a food stain to press the Aces toward the truth.

  • 085 - Jane Tries to Get Rid of Harry (12:00) - 2.8mb
    Jane tries to learn whether Laura's been stealing from the household money to support Harry---but Laura doesn't quite take the bait. Harry tries to intimidate Laura again, but it makes Laura admit to Jane he pressured her to skim the marketing money for him. Harry's plan gives Jane an idea. Jane comforts Laura when Harry leaves for good.

  • 086 - Jane Decides to Get a Loan (11:16) - 2.6mb
    Ace is resigned to Jane's payoff. Jane tries and fails to wheedle extra weekly money from Ace. Nosy Mrs. Benton asks Ace a favour---and inadvertently gives Jane an idea for balancing her household budget.

  • 087 - Jane and Ace Both Borrow Money (11:34) - 2.7mb
    For Jane, it's a way out of her household budget deficit. For Ace, it's a ground floor real estate deal. Jane visits a loan company. Ace decides to borrow on his insurance policy instead of from his bank. Jane and Ace are dismayed when they learn who has to sign each other's loans. (Note: The scene with Jane at the finance company was later adapted for an early episode of the expanded mr. ace and JANE.)

  • 088 - Jane and Ace Get Each Other's Signature (11:43) - 2.7mb
    Jane's been "on pins and cushions all day" waiting to ask Marge to be one of her co-signers. Marge conditions her signature on Ace's. Ace learns the hard way how it takes a quid pro quo to get the dough-re-mi when he asks Jane to co-sign his insurance loan.

  • 089 - Jane Tries to Get a Third Person to Sign Her Loan (11:19) - 2.6mb
    Jane hunts for another co-signer. Neal, Johnny, and Mrs. Taylor have their own reasons for balking at co-signing.

  • 090 - Jane Asks Neff to Sign Her Loan (11:45) - 2.7mb
    And it gives Neff--who wants to buy the real estate property Ace borrowed on his policy to land--the absolute wrong idea about the Aces' financial condition.

  • 091 - Neff Learns About Ace's Finances (10:58) - 2.5mb
    Ace fears Neff is wise to his real estate bluff. Neff doesn't sign Jane's loan--but he does think it means he can call Ace's bluff.

  • 092 - The Aces Convince Neff They Don't Need Money (11:29) - 2.6mb
    First, however, Jane has to peel Ace from the ceiling. That's what he's hit learning how Jane inadvertently revealed his bluff to Neff. Ace has an idea to save his deal and the Aces' faces.

  • 093 - Ace Talks Jane Into Opening a Checking Account (11:12) - 2.6mb
    As Ace explains it to Marge, the busted bluff turns into yet another one of Jane's happy accidents. Jane gets the hundred dollars she hoped to borrow--without having to borrow it. Ace thinks Jane can open and handle a checking account. Uh-oh . . .

  • 094 - Jane Opens a Checking Account (11:24) - 2.6mb
    Jane finally finds a bank that will let her open a checking account for less than five hundred dollars. And she wants to know how liquid the bank is. Banking will never quite be the same . . .

  • 095 - Jane Has Problems with Her Checking Account (11:15) - 2.6mb
    What a surprise, when she's nervous about writing any check higher than ten dollars . . .

  • 096 - All of Jane's Checks Bounce (11:23) - 2.6mb
    Jane thinks it was just good service that her first checks returned to her so fast . . . until she and Ace learn it wasn't a lack of funds--to Ace's embarrassment.

  • 097 - Jane Hides a Movie Star (11:18) - 2.6mb
    Making a personal appearance to promote her new film, movie star Joyce Blaine escapes career pressure by jumping into Jane's car behind the theater. Jane lets Joyce rest in Marge's room. Ace is amazed to learn Joyce loves their modest lifestyle.

  • 098 - Jane Wants Joyce to Make Marge Jealous (11:27) - 2.6mb
    Joyce turns her back on the movie star life and makes fast friends with Jane. Matchmaker Jane thinks Joyce can prod Marge and Neal to marry. Joyce fears Neal's paper might expose her hideaway after her disappearance hits the news.

  • 099 - Joyce Tells Jane's Plan to Marge and Neal (11:25) - 2.6mb
    Neal will keep quiet about Joyce if she agrees to give him first scoop when she's ready to talk. Marge and Ace think Joyce will miss Hollywood sooner than she thinks. Privately, Joyce spills the beans to Neal and Marge---and agrees gladly to help them teach Jane to butt out of their, ahem, affairs.

  • 100 - Ace Becomes Smitten with Joyce (11:09) - 2.6mb
    Seducing dignified, modest family man Ace--even as a gag--won't be easy for even the best actress, Marge warns Joyce. Ace seems flattered by Joyce's attention. Neal and Joyce ponder the publicity hunger over her disappearance.

  • 101 - Jane Finally Gets Jealous over Joyce (11:33) - 2.6mb
    Jane still thinks Joyce will vamp Neal to prod jealous Marge. Joyce invites Ace for a moonlight walk. Ace admits he suspected there was a catch to her attention. Then he agrees to play it up to help make Jane jealous.

  • 103 - Joyce Leaves for Hollywood (10:58) - 2.5mb
    A mystery call threatening to expose Joyce convinces her to return to Hollywood without saying goodbye. The full story of her disappearance hits the front page of Neal's paper . . . as part one of a series under Jane's byline. Marge and the Aces learn who the mystery caller was.

  • 104 - Jane Tries to Write for the Newspaper (11:41) - 2.7mb
    She's determined to prove she can write the Joyce Blaine series without Neal's ghostwriting help. Jane's friends pump her for more about Joyce. Neal tries to convince Jane to let him continue ghosting the story.

  • 105 - Jane Pretends She's a Writer (11:06) - 2.5mb
    The maudlin side of the Joyce Blaine series puzzles Ace. Marge tells Ace Neal convinced Jane to let him keep ghostwriting and split the money. Ace needles Jane about the split.

  • 106 - Jane Climbs the Social Ladder (11:05) - 2.5mb
    Jane worries about Laura's nervousness over learning new things--like French things, after society matron Mrs. Marsh invited Jane to play bridge and Jane was impressed with Mrs. Marsh's French maid, Nanette. The Marshes want to play bridge with the Aces.

  • 107 - Bridge with the Marshes (11:54) - 2.7mb
    Ace is amused at Jane training "Laurette" in Frenchisms---but he's nervous about Jane as his bridge partner against the Marshes. Marsh shows Ace his sumptuous home. Jane asks Nanette to meet and help "Laurette."

  • 108 - Laurette and Nannette and the Missing Bracelet (11:50) - 2.7mb
    "Laurette" shies from meeting Nanette--at first. A $5,000 bracelet is missing from the Marsh home. Private investigator Collins visits the Marshes. The Marshes tell him they suspect theft only after Nanette leaves for her morning walk. Collins is suspicious of Nanette's acquaintance with "Laurette."

  • 109 - Jane Invites the Marshes for Dinner (11:54) - 2.7mb
    "Laurette" and Nanette's budding friendship moves Collins to press to question the Aces. He wants to join the Marshes when the Aces invite them to dinner--to get a closer view of Laura, whom he now suspects of involvement in the missing bracelet.

  • 110 - The Detective Traps Jane into a Confession (11:47) - 2.7mb
    Still unaware of the bracelet, the Aces host the Marshes for dinner. Ace suggests an after-dinner bridge game. Collins poses as Marsh's uncle and wanders around. Ace amuses the Marshes with a story. Jane finds Collins talking to Laura--who admits she isn't French, and whose confusion both regret.

  • 111 - Jane Is a Suspect - Ace Buys a Bracelet (11:07) - 2.6mb
    Laura tells Jane how Collins tripped her. Marsh doesn't believe Laura and Nanette talked about Laura's French lessons alone. Johnny touts a jeweler friend to Ace, who asks if the man sells diamond bracelets. Still unaware of the missing Marsh bracelet, Ace wants to surprise Jane with one. Jane learns about the theft first.

  • 112 - Jane and Laura Try to Find the Bracelet (11:42) - 2.7mb
    Jane and Laura have 24 hours to find the missing bracelet before Collins brings in the police. Jane wants to prove no one in the Ace household was responsible. Laura denies she took the bracelet. Johnny talks to his jeweler, Davis, about the bracelet Ace wants to buy. Davis presses Johnny to hurry it to Ace. Nanette then arrives to visit Davis.

  • 113 - Jane Agrees to Have the House Searched (11:07) - 2.6mb
    Ace has no idea he's buying Jane the Marshes' stolen bracelet--or that Nanette stole it for Davis, who's paying an equally unaware Johnny to sell it. Ace has Marge hide the bracelet until he's ready to surprise Jane--who defends Laura and agrees to let Collins search the Ace home.

  • 114 - Colliins Finds the Bracelet in Marge's Room (11:42) - 2.7mb
    Marge hides the bracelet Ace bought in her closet. Ace learns the hard way at last about the Marsh bracelet and Laura's suspected involvement--when Collins wants to start searching with Marge's room. Ace gets the a-ha! when Johnny recognises Nanette.

  • 115 - The Marshes Apologize (11:51) - 2.7mb
    Ace calls home all morning to make sure Jane isn't getting into any more trouble---annoying Jane. The Marshes visit the Aces separately to apologise. Mrs. Marsh invites Jane to join her upper crust women's group. Marsh wants to make up to Ace with the inside track on a big real estate deal involving the city's low-income housing plans.

  • 116 - Ace's Big Deal - Jane Leads a Protest (11:29) - 2.6mb
    Ace is thrilled about the option to which Marsh tipped him. Mrs. Marsh's women's group wants to push the city toward a different site. Mrs. Marsh introduces Jane as a new member of the group.

  • 117 - Ace Asks Jane's Permission for the Deal (11:42) - 2.7mb
    Ace needs to raise all the capital he can to buy the option. Jane agrees that Ace should do it even if it means putting everything they own in hock. Ace learns the women's group may protest the property he optioned---unaware Jane's involved with the group.

  • 118 - Jane Is Put in Charge of Publicity for Protest (11:55) - 2.7mb
    Jane's push for the city's poor to live in better than "those old testament houses"---and better than on a site near the railroad---impresses the women's group. She agrees to publicise their protest---unaware the railroad site is the site on which Ace holds the option.

  • 119 - Jane Gets Neal's Help with the Publicity (11:20) - 2.6mb
    Neal agrees to write a story about the women's group protest. Ace frets further about the effect the protest might have on the city's decision over the railroad property. Marsh assures him the protest won't have much impact.

  • 120 - The City Decides Against Ace's Deal (11:43) - 2.7mb
    Neal's story hits the front page and Marsh reassures Ace again. Jane arrives at the paper in time to hear Neal learn the city rejected the railroad property. Ace arrives to see Neal---just in time to learn his worst fear came true.

  • 121 - Ace Loses His Real Estate Business (11:43) - 2.7mb
    Ace is wiped out completely now that the city rejected the railroad property for the housing project. His secretary, Mrs. Thomas, offers to stay with him and rescind her severance until he can re-establish himself. Ace turns her down. Jane celebrates the women's group triumph---unaware it wiped her own husband out.

  • 122 - Jane Finds a $150 Error in Her Checkbook (11:54) - 2.7mb
    Ace tells Marge about the wipeout and admits he doesn't have the heart to tell Jane, about either the wipeout or the the women's group's role. A mathematical error causes a $150 mistake in Jane's checkbook. Ace agonises over telling Jane about his losses.

  • 123 - Ace Tells Jane About Losing All His Money (11:41) - 2.7mb
    News arrives that Jane's 18-year-old niece Betty Taylor is coming, with her mother hoping she'll hire on as Ace's secretary. The news forces Ace to tell Jane about his business collapse. Jane accepts the news and stands by her man.

  • 124 - Jane's Niece Betty Arrives (11:17) - 2.6mb
    Wiser than her years and with a big chip on her shoulder, young niece Betty arrives (played by Ethel Blume)---adamantly against her mother's hope that the Aces will help marry her off. Ace and Betty each begin job hunting. Nobody understands Betty's superiority complex.

  • 125 - Jane Looks for an Apartment (11:23) - 2.6mb
    Ace continues job hunting. Jane goes apartment hunting---the wipeout has forced the Aces to sell their home. Jane also keeps trying to find Betty a job and a boyfriend. Isn't this awful: Ace's job prospect is befuddled over negotiating an apartment lease . . . with Jane.

  • 126 - Jane Tries to Fire Laura (11:30) - 2.6mb
    The Aces' dire straits provoke a reluctant Jane to try to dismiss maid Laura, who's just as reluctant to leave the Aces in the lurch.

  • 127 - The Aces Move into Their New Apartment (11:28) - 2.6mb
    The family settles into the new apartment. Betty settles into a secretarial job that will hold surprising ramifications for the Ace family. Ace continues job hunting. Jane and Ace worry about the new phone's installation. Ace is reminded of his insurance payment. Neal wants to talk to Ace---about a newspaper job.

  • 128 - Neal Gets Ace a Newspaper Job (10:52) - 2.5mb
    Jane and Betty argue over Betty's reluctance to go to the movies. Ace wants Betty out of the way while he and Neal talk business. Marge admits she told Neal about the Aces' struggles. Neal tells Ace the paper wants to hire him to run their real estate advertising.

  • 129 - Neal Gets a Blind Date for Betty (10:11) - 2.3mb
    Ace takes happily to his new job. Betty's attitudes continue baffling Jane, who's still trying to find Betty young men to date. Ace explains his new job to Marge and expresses gratitude to Neal. Ace and Marge are amazed that Neal can reach Betty, who agrees to a date with a friend of Neal's.

  • 130 - Betty Has a Crush on Neal - Jane Is Upset (10:36) - 2.4mb
    Betty agrees to go to a dance with Mickey only when Neal agrees to go, too. Jane isn't the only one upset when Betty turns out to fancy Neal. Betty doesn't want to talk to Mickey after the dance.

  • 131 - Marge and Neal Fight About Betty (10:55) - 2.5mb
    Betty lies about working late---she's hanging around Neal's newspaper office. Marge dismisses Betty's crush as a schoolgirl's imagination, until Betty's persistence drives a wedge between Neal and Marge.

  • 132 - Everyone Is Fighting - Cokie Comes Back (11:22) - 2.6mb
    Jane and Ace commiserate the morning after everyone argues over Betty and Neal. Jane still isn't sure who's mad at whom. Cokie is working as a nightclub bouncer. Betty leaves a big impression on Cokie.

  • 133 - Cokie Falls for Betty (10:40) - 2.4mb
    Cokie's crush on Betty equals Betty's on Neal. Betty complains about Cokie's hanging around her office all day. Betty's boss, Peabody, complains about Cokie. He fears Cokie's a plant---who'll expose Marsh's actual ownership of the railroad property that cost Ace his money and his business and Peabody's aid in hiding Marsh's ownership. That moves Marsh to plan a new deal for Ace.

  • 134 - Marsh Offers Ace a Deal to Get Him out of Town (11:16) - 2.6mb
    Saying he wants to make up for Ace's loss, Marsh hires him to sell an Arizona ranch property. Excited about a chance to remake his real estate career, Ace doesn't realise Marsh wants him out of town to keep him from helping expose the railroad property deal.

  • 135 - Ace Tells Jane about the Trip to Arizona (11:10) - 2.6mb
    Fixing Betty up with Cokie ends Marge's alarm over Betty and Neal, or so Jane thinks. Ace tells Jane she's going to Arizona with him. Betty seems to see Cokie a little differently. Excited about a few weeks' life on a ranch, Jane mulls upgrading her wardrobe for Western life.

  • 136 - The Aces Get Ready for Their Trip to Arizona (11:08) - 2.6mb
    Marge makes up with Neal---probationally. Betty and Cokie are out on a date. Neal and Marge embarrass the Aces with farewell gifts. Betty and Cokie return from their date in time to toast the Aces.

  • 137 - Betty and Cokie Find a Note Signed M (10:53) - 2.5mb
    The Aces are on their way to Arizona. Still hanging around Betty's office, amateur sleuth Cokie finds a suspicious note---referring to Ace's departure and signed "M." Betty thinks "M" is for Marge---at first. Marge balks at pursuing it---for now . . .

  • 138 - Neal Joins the Investigation of the Note (10:49) - 2.5mb
    Despite Marge's objection, Betty insists Neal examine the note because she fears it means trouble for her Uncle Ace. Cokie goes to the paper insisting Neal come to the apartment. Neal balks . . . until he considers what "M" might really mean.

  • 139 - Neal Suspects Marsh for the Illegal Land Deal (9:53) - 2.3mb
    Neal now suspects Marsh wanted to sell the city his own railroad property and couldn't lose either way even if it meant ruining Ace. He tells Marge Betty shouldn't quit her job with Peabody just yet. He also wants any probe to help Ace retrieve his money---even if it means blackmail. Marge and Neal agree not to tell the Aces their suspicions just yet. Neal's editor doesn't believe Marsh might be corrupt.

  • 140 - City Files Are Missing on the Marsh Property (10:49) - 2.5mb
    With the Marsh swindle dead as a news story, Neal probes it on his own. Marge explains to Laura that Ace was the victim, not the swindler. Betty and Cokie hunt Peabody's files. Everyone's entertained by a note from the Aces. Betty finds major evidence: Peabody's note to Marsh agreeing to hold the railroad property deed.

  • 141 - Neal Hires a Safecracker to Get Evidence (10:53) - 2.5mb
    Does it take a crook to catch a crook? After Cokie's buddy Humphrey can't do it, Neal finds his own safecracker to get the railroad property deed. Marge, Neal, and Betty have a laugh over a letter from Jane. Betty and Marge are wary of the safecracking plan.

  • 142 - Marsh Hears of Neal's Investigation (10:49) - 2.5mb
    Over lunch with Marge, Neal changes his mind: he wants a private investigator. He's Mike Schwartz, agreeing to work for Neal and confirm Marsh and Peabody's partnership. Neal doesn't know Schwartz also works for Marsh---who pays him to scare Neal off.

  • 143 - Neal Gets a Statement From His Investigator (10:51) - 2.5mb
    Marsh tells Peabody he had Neal scared off the probe. He also tells Peabody Neal's editor didn't believe Marsh corrupt, leaving Neal on his own. Neal bluffs Schwartz into admitting he planted the note on Marsh's instructions.

  • 144 - Neal Talks to His Editor and Gets Fired (10:36) - 2.4mb
    With the threatening note and Schwartz's statement, Neal tries again to convince editor Evans to cover the land swindle. Fearing a libel suit, Evans refuses---and fires Neal. Neal tells Marge about his firing. Schwartz disappears, seemingly. Another note from Jane cheers Neal and Marge.

  • 145 - Neal Confronts Marsh (10:36) - 2.4mb
    Cokie helps Neal empty his newspaper office. With Schwartz gone Marsh fears Neal's paper will break the swindle story and plans to buy Neal off. Unaware Neal was fired, Peabody orders Betty to call the paper asking him to the office. Neal meets Marsh and Peabody with Cokie in tow. Neal shows Marsh the evidence. Marsh writes a check. Betty surprises Neal.

  • 146 - Neal Confronts His Boss (10:48) - 2.5mb
    Neal and Betty are near tears over Ace's gratitude, in a letter Ace sent after learning he'll get his money back. Neal visits Evans---but he left the dictaphone record at the Aces, where it was accidentally smashed. A telephone call changes Evans's mind. Evans rehires Neal with a big raise---and an order to write the front page swindle story. Ace plans a surprise for Jane.

  • 147 - Getting the House Ready to Surprise Jane (11:29) - 2.6mb
    Still in Arizona, Ace keeps from Jane that he's retrieved their money and bought their home back. On his instruction, Neal and Marge buy the bungalow back and start refurnishing it the way the Aces had it before. Marge, Laura, Betty, and Neal move the Aces out of the apartment.

  • 148 - Trouble Moving into the House (11:07) - 2.6mb
    The last piece of the Aces' furniture is moved back into the house. Neal and Cokie begin arranging the furnishings the way they used to be while Marge, Betty, and Laura get dinner. Cokie fantasises about a home life of his own. But with dinner delayed, exhausted Neal and Cokie have another idea . . .

  • 149 - The Aces Return By Train (11:34) - 2.7mb
    On the train home, Jane plays bridge in the club car while Ace relaxes in their cabin. Jane tries to cheer up Ace, still thinking they're broke. Ace's telegram arrives at the house with instructions for the surprise---including Neal driving Jane to the house while Ace catches a separate cab. (Note: There are a few recording skips about two-thirds of the way through this episode.)

  • 150 - Surprise Party Cheers up Jane (10:44) - 2.5mb
    Neal meets the Aces' train. Jane reluctantly agrees to go with Neal. Ace and the luggage arrive ahead of Neal and Jane. Marge and Betty enjoy Ace's descripton of their Arizona doings, while Ace coaches everyone for Jane's surprise. Neal and Jane arrive at last.

  • 151 - Ace Explains How He Got His Money Back to Jane (10:15) - 2.4mb
    Jane realises she wasn't dreaming. She insists Ace tell her the whole story---for the eighth time: "All day today, I've just been sitting around here trying to make myself believe it's true---that we're sitting on Pretty Street again and everything's honky tonky again."

  • 152 - Cokie and Betty Want to Get Married (10:36) - 2.4mb
    Everything's back to normal. Until Cokie comes by and reveals he's due for a raise at the nightclub--on one certain condition he's nervous about revealing. Taking no chances, Ace won't let Jane talk to Cokie alone. Good thing: Cokie proposed to Betty.

  • 153 - Betty Argues with the Aces about Cokie (10:57) - 2.5mb
    Ace, Jane, and Marge wait anxiously for Betty to come home. Considering she hated him just a couple of months ago, Betty's motives are suspect to Ace and Marge. Ace challenges Betty when a certain four-letter word doesn't seem to figure in her intentions.

  • 154 - Jane Helps Betty Plan an Elopement (11:16) - 2.6mb
    Betty's locked herself in her room until her Uncle Ace leaves to meet Cokie. Alone with her Aunt Jane, Betty admits she couldn't bring herself to say she loves Cokie. At Cokie's dance hall, Ace convinces Cokie to think things over. Jane suggests a way for Betty and Cokie to marry without Ace's disapproval.

  • 155 - Cokie Tells Ace He's Not Getting Married (10:07) - 2.3mb
    Cokie asks Ace to meet him outside the drugstore and not tell Jane about it just yet. Jane and Betty continue planning Betty's elopement. After she doesn't see Cokie for the first day in two months, Betty suspects Ace had a hand. Outside the drugstore, Cokie surprises Ace with the reason he didn't see Betty.

  • 156 - Cokie Tells Jane He's Not Getting Married (10:52) - 2.5mb
    On his way to the barbershop, Ace delights then alarms Marge with Cokie's decision. Marge warns Ace that it won't be easy for Cokie to break the news to Betty--or to Jane. Ace thinks there's nothing Jane can do about it. That's what he thinks.

  • 157 - Jane Tells Betty of Cokie's Change of Heart (10:34) - 2.4mb
    It takes awhile but Jane finds the courage to break the news--after Ace seems a little too anxious to cut Betty back down to size a little. Jane wants to break the news to Betty "in a roustabout way."

  • 158 - Ace Places an Ad for a New Business Partner (11:12) - 2.6mb
    Ace wants to invest in a new business but needs a partner to invest with him equally. His classified ad begins running in Neal's paper. Marge does Ace a favour and types replies to three respondents. Not knowing whose ad it is, Jane sees it and answers it, thinking she's doing Ace a favour.

  • 159 - Ace Gets an Answer to His Ad--Unaware It's Jane (11:09) - 2.6mb
    At Neal's office, Jane worries about the delay in response from her query to Ace's ad. At Marge's office, Ace is impressed by the query. And neither Ace realises just who's been writing to each other.

  • 160 - Jane and Ace Meet about the Partnership (10:30) - 2.4mb
    At Neal's office---and with Neal unable to keep from busting a gut laughing---Ace learns the hard way just who his promising partner-to-be really is.

  • 161 - The Aces Discuss Opening a Beauty Shop (10:22) - 2.4mb
    As Jane inadvertently picks up and becomes fascinated with a book about Abe Lincoln, Ace is surprised to learn---through another answer to his business ad---how profitable a beauty shop can be. Jane likes another factor about the shop in question. (Note: Part of announcer's introduction is missing.)

  • 162 - Jane Checks out the Beauty Shop (11:08) - 2.6mb
    Since Jane needs to have her hair done anyway, Ace agrees to have her inspect the beauty shop into which he might buy. Big mistake.

  • 163 - Ace Decides Not to Buy the Beauty Shop (10:59) - 2.5mb
    Says Jane, always: "A wife should take the bitter with the better." Says Ace, this time, after Jane's disastrous day at the beauty shop: "Well, this is the bitter. Can you take it?" But that isn't the reason Ace balks at buying in . . .

  • 164 - Jane Listens to a Quiz Show (10:27) - 2.4mb
    Beginning a classic sequence, Jane---bent on teaching Ace a lesson---thinks she can clean up on the Question Mark radio quiz show . . . after she was first reluctant to listen one night at home. Ace and Marge are amused, and Jane isn't amused at their amusement.

  • 165 - Jane Prepares for the Quiz Show (10:40) - 2.4mb
    Bent on going on the show and winning the top prize, Jane asks Neal for help. Neal has an idea to do just that. Ace and Neal lay bets on Jane's success.

  • 166 - Jane Appears On the Quiz Show (9:55) - 2.3mb
    Jane goes on Question Mark at last. And after she's finished, Ace isn't laughing now.

  • 167 - Ace Wants to Become Partners with Neff (11:06) - 2.5mb
    There's only one problem: Ace doesn't have the full amount for his share of the investment. Three guesses who inherited enough to provide the rest of the share . . . and who thinks she's going to be a full partner if she provides it.

  • 168 - Jane Gets Betty to Work for Ace (10:45) - 2.5mb
    So much for Ace's promise to Neff to keep Jane from meddling in the new real estate business. Getting Ace to hire Betty as his new secretary was a blessing in comparison.

  • 169 - Jane Meddles in Ace's First Real Estate Deal (10:39) - 2.4mb
    Given the absolute choice, maybe Ace really would prefer Jane re-arrange the office decor. Ace confides to Betty his edginess about Jane and Neff. Neff is bringing the new office's first client. Hiding Jane gives the client, Thompson, the wrong idea.

  • 170 - Neff Tries to Calm Mr. Thompson (10:47) - 2.5mb
    Thompson fears Jane is whom his meddlesome children hired to shadow him to stop him selling his farm. Marge chides Ace about the "partnership" with Jane. Neff tries to convince Thompson he's wrong about Jane.

  • 171 - Jane Prepares to Play the Farmer's Wife (10:51) - 2.5mb
    Neff tells Ace he has a customer for the Thompson farm. Ace sends Laura and Jane to clean up the farm's house. He also has---heaven help him---an idea about how Jane can help cinch the sale. Jane suspects it isn't just work that's keeping Betty late at the office.

  • 172 - Jane Plays Her Part Too Well (11:05) - 2.5mb
    Jane and Laura prepare for the Brandons. Ace shows Mr. Brandon around the grounds. Jane playing "Mrs. Jones" shows Mrs. Brandon the house . . . and she's too convincing about how much she's loved living on the farm. Mrs. Brandon has a change of heart.

  • 173 - Jane Worries about Ace Working Late (11:10) - 2.6mb
    The Aces agree to stay on the farm until it's sold. Trying to cheer up Cokie, Neal needles Ace about seeing him with a lady---who turns out to be Mrs. Adams, a new prospective buyer for the farm. The joke jolts Jane's jealousy. Mrs. Adams wants to show her brother farm blueprints over dinner in town with Ace and Neff. Neff insists the deal be kept secret from Jane.

  • 174 - Ace Is Trying to Sell the Farm to a Widow (10:25) - 2.4mb
    Jane confides her fears to Neal, whose soft joke started them in the first place. "It may be a joke to you," she whines, "but it's my husband to me." Neal challenges Jane to let him prove Ace isn't straying. Then Jane sees Ace and Mrs. Adams . . .

  • 175 - Jane Suspects Ace Is Seeing Another Woman (10:27) - 2.4mb
    Even Marge can't convince Jane that Ace and Mrs. Adams are business, not pleasure. Laura can't convince Jane to eat. Neff won't let Ace tell Jane about the deal. Marge plans to get the details from Neal. To show Mrs. Adams the farm, Neff has an idea how to get Jane away for a day.

  • 176 - Marge Gets Ace's Story - Jane Sees a Lawyer (10:42) - 2.5mb
    Ace confides his dilemna to Betty. Mrs. Adams insists on seeing the farm no matter the "repair work." As Mrs. Adams leaves the office, Marge arrives--and accidentally learns about the farm deal. Jane's lawyer makes a jaw-dropping suggestion.

  • 177 - Jane Thinks Ace Wants to Get Rid of Her (10:23) - 2.4mb
    Her lawyer bugs Ace's office, and what Jane overhears between Ace and Mrs. Adams gives her (what a surprise!) the wrong idea.

  • 178 - Jane Has Left Ace Is Using Her Maiden Name (9:58) - 2.3mb
    Marge and Betty arrive at the farm house while Ace is in town for a business dinner. Jane's note is only half as stunning to Marge and Betty as the recording she left of Ace and Mrs. Adams. Marge calls Ace to bring Mrs. Adams to the farm. Jane is back at the Ace home with only Laura and Cokie.

  • 179 - Ace Sells the Farm, Jane Teaches Cokie Bridge (10:54) - 2.5mb
    With Jane off the farm, Ace shows it to Mrs. Adams at last. While Mrs. Adams telephones her brother, Marge tells Ace about the recording and the note. Mrs. Adams wants to occupy the farm immediately. Cokie tries to cheer up Jane, then stuns Ace, Marge, and Betty when they return home.

  • 180 - Jane is Upset Over Leaving Ace (12:06) - 2.8mb
    Cokie shadows Ace. Jane wonders if Ace is worth fighting for. Ace wonders in his way if Jane is worth likewise. Despite the farm sale, Ace is skeptical about Neal's plan to convince Mrs. Adams to tell Jane the truth.

  • 181 - Mrs. Adams Talks to Jane (11:09) - 2.6mb
    Mrs. Adams agrees to Neal's suggestion. Jane balks at first when Neal brings Mrs. Adams to the house. Sympathetically, Mrs. Adams tells Jane she had nothing to fear. Jane sends Ace a telegram---with one precaution.

  • 182 - Jane Has Trouble with Laura (10:56) - 2.5mb
    With the farm dilemna behind them, and with Laura's one-year anniversary of working for the Aces, Ace is reluctant to give Laura a raise until business picks up again. Jane fears Laura might quit without the raise.

  • 183 - Laura Tries to Bluff a Raise from the Aces (11:27) - 2.6mb
    That's after Jane's bluff didn't work. Jane's the only member of the household who votes Laura a raise. Laura decides a bluff in the hand is worth two on the hook---then recoils when it backfires.

  • 184 - Laura Gets Her Raise (10:40) - 2.4mb
    Now fearing she'll lose her job, Laura works quietly while the Aces and Marge ponder her fate. Then Ace---admiring Laura's audacity---proposes a compromise.

  • 185 - Jane's Sister Writes a Letter about Betty (11:24) - 2.6mb
    Letters from sister Ethel usually engage Jane and amuse Ace and Marge---but this one expresses alarm over Betty's lack of a love life. Ace thinks trying to marry Betty off actively isn't likely. Jane, needless to say, thinks anything but. Betty's late hours make Ace think she's seeing someone already.

  • 186 - No One Knows Who Betty's Boyfriend Is (11:34) - 2.7mb
    Betty seems slightly distracted at the office. Ace tries to convince her to keep more regular hours after work. Betty dismisses her mother's written concern. The Aces learn Betty is dating a musician---but that's all they know so far.

  • 187 - Betty Is Seeing an Older Man (11:40) - 2.7mb
    Jane writes to Ethel about what little she knows of Betty's new romance. The Aces and Marge get the wrong idea about why Betty fears their disapproval. But Betty's interest actually discomforts David Page, a classical pianist old enough to be her father, who's renting an apartment Ace's office manages.

  • 189 - Betty's Boyfriend Is in Trouble with Ace (11:35) - 2.7mb
    That's because David's neighbours aren't exactly crazy about having a classical pianist in the building. The neighbours' complaints lead Ace to learn about Betty and David at last.

  • 190 - Jane Talks David Into Giving Up Betty (11:25) - 2.6mb
    Jane can't convince Betty to talk or eat. David is surprised to get a visit from Jane, posing as a music student at first. Jane, in turn, is surprised by David's agreeability.

  • 191 - Jane Thinks Neff's Nephew Should Date Betty (11:25) - 2.6mb
    Betty is excessively formal at home and office to hide her heartbreak. The disillusioned nephew of Ace's partner, Carl Neff, returns from college. Neff tells Jane he wants Ace to teach Carl real estate, hoping it leads to Carl taking over the Neff interests in due course. Jane has other plans for Carl.

  • 192 - Jane Throws a Dinner for Betty & Carl (11:32) - 2.6mb
    Betty's bid to rekindle a romance with David crashes when David---already edgy about having had such a young girl friend---confesses a heartbreaking failure. Ace quakes when he realises Jane's playing matchmaker for Betty and Carl.

  • 193 - Betty Tells off Everyone Including Carl (11:23) - 2.6mb
    Betty renounces all men after her relationship with David crashes, compromising Jane's dinner plans. Marge can't reach Betty, either. Marge and Jane are surprised to learn Carl's as heartbroken as Betty. Ace forces a stubborn Betty out of her room. Betty gets a surprise when she meets Carl.

  • 194 - Jane Tries to Get Carl and Betty Together (11:24) - 2.6mb
    It won't be easy with two heartbroken people experiencing love at first hate.

  • 195 - Carl & Betty Fight Over a Bridge Game (11:00) - 2.5mb
    Jane's bridge playing style befuddles Carl as well as Ace and Betty. Jane isn't exactly Madame Subtlety about pushing Carl and Betty together. Ace amuses Marge with a play-by-play of the round. Betty finesses partner Carl, to Carl's annoyance.

  • 196 - Everyone Makes Up (11:42) - 2.7mb
    Especially Carl and Betty, who begin to see each other in a different way after they confess each other's heartbreaks over lunch.

  • 197 - Neff is Upset With Carl for Seeing Betty (11:40) - 2.7mb
    Betty seems more agreeable now that she's dating Carl. Neff frets over Carl's late hours. Ace and Marge assure Neff of Carl's business promise. Neff admits his role in breaking up Carl's former romance---then fumes when he realises why Carl's been keeping late hours lately. Neff threatens to cut Carl off if he continues seeing Betty.

  • 198 - Carl Proposes to Betty (11:54) - 2.7mb
    Jane tries to calculate how much Carl and Betty would need to marry if Carl's cut out of his uncle's will. Betty doesn't want to get between Carl and his uncle. Insisting he wants to make it without his uncle's money, Carl proposes. Betty and Carl think about eloping.

  • 199 - Jane Talks to Neff about Betty and Carl (11:45) - 2.7mb
    Neff refuses Carl's request for a new car of his own. Worried that Neff might end the real estate partnership over it, Ace tries to get Betty to wait awhile before marrying Carl. Jane thinks she can reason with Neff---who learns the hard way about Carl and Betty's plans.

  • 200 - Neff Threatens to Break the Partnership (11:15) - 2.6mb
    Neff challenges Jane to prove to him why Betty and Carl should marry, then repeats his threat to cut Carl out of his will if Carl and Betty marry. Then Neff issues the threat Ace has feared. Having studied some law in college, Carl finds a key to blocking his uncle's threats.

  • 201 - Carl Finds a Clause in Contract to Block Neff (11:31) - 2.6mb
    Neff's lawyer confirms Carl's discovery: the partnership can't be broken unless one or the other partner proves business neglect. The lawyer convinces Neff to buy Betty off.

  • 202 - Betty Refuses a Bribe from Neff (11:25) - 2.6mb
    When Betty refuses the bribe, Neff is surprised to learn how disinterested Betty really is in the Neff fortune. That's nothing compared to how Jane thinks Betty turned down something for the bride---and visits Neff to correct the "error."

  • 203 - Jane Takes a Check from Neff (10:59) - 2.5mb
    "Well, it sounded like 'bride' over the telephone." Just wait until Jane hears the sound of silence when everyone decides to cut her off after her blunder.

  • 204 - Jane Gets Another Chance to Fix Things (11:16) - 2.6mb
    Ace, Marge, and Betty can't keep up the silent treatment. "We should have made the rule that she can't talk to us," Ace drawls. Carl learns the truth from Ace and Betty---then realises how Jane can turn the check against his uncle's machination. Jane agrees to the plan . . . on one condition.

  • 205 - Jane Tricks Neff, Betty and Carl Get Married (11:24) - 2.6mb
    Believe it or not, Jane pulls off the lawsuit bluff when she visits Neff's office and convinces him she took the check for evidence.

  • 206 - Jane Plans a Party for Cokie (12:31) - 2.9mb
    Jane feels empty now that Betty and Carl are married and Betty's out of the house. Her otherwise sympathetic husband muses that she's not happy unless she's meddling. That'll teach him: Guess who wants to take over when Cokie---promoted to chief bouncer, and wanting to thank and impress the orphanage where he grew up---wants to throw them a party.

  • 207 - Jane Visits Cokie's Orphanage (12:10) - 2.8mb
    Ace agrees to let Cokie borrow his car to show his fellow orphans they can be successful, too. Cokie wants a simple party but Jane insists on making it a lavish affair. Jane gets a rude surprise when she visits the orphanage to begin the party planning.

  • 208 - Jane Tries to Crash the Party (11:25) - 2.6mb
    The Craigs' sternness and overstrictness bothers Jane. Laura helps Jane plan the party menu. Cokie is shocked that kindly Mrs. Duffy isn't running the orphanage anymore and that the Craigs now rent the orphanage banquet hall. The Craigs crack down hard on kids raiding the refrigerator between meals.

  • 209 - Jane Brings Home a Letter from the Orphanage (11:23) - 2.6mb
    Ace and Marge are alarmed when Jane tells them about the Craigs' new hall rental policy. Marge realises an orphan boy's note slipped to Jane at the orphanage wasn't a joke and Cokie confirms its authenticity---it was a bona fide complaint against the Craigs' mismanagement.

  • 210 - Jane Tries to Get Evidence on the Orphanage (11:46) - 2.7mb
    Ace talks to an orphanage trustee, Jeffries, who had voted against letting Mrs. Duffy go. Jeffries thinks the orphan boy's accusations are right but wants more proof for his board---like a hall rental receipt for Cokie's party. Understandably, Ace is a little nervous when Jane agrees to get the receipt.

  • 211 - The Aces Meet Mrs. Duffy (11:53) - 2.7mb
    Jeffries brings Mrs. Duffy to Ace's office, where Ace, Jane, and Marge learn she'll be brought to Cokie's party as a surprise for the children. Jeffries suggests the Craigs will be dumped and Mrs. Duffy restored to run the orphanage. Jane briefs the children on songs with which to surprise Cokie, but one of them surprises Jane, instead.

  • 212 - Jane Wants to Manage an Orphan Singer (11:32) - 2.6mb
    Mrs. Duffy is still stunned to have her orphanage job back---but Jane is still so stunned by orphan boy Johnny's singing voice that she wants to build it into a career for him.

  • 213 - Jane Gets Johnny Ready for an Audition (11:07) - 2.6mb
    She also wants Marge to help her get ready . . . to tell Ace what she wants to do with Johnny, the teen orphan whose voice bowled her over.

  • 214 - Johnny Auditions for Ace, Marge, and Laura (11:47) - 2.7mb
    Ace still seems skeptical about Jane managing Johnny. Jane instructs Laura on arranging the living room---she wants to give Johnny a small taste of singing for an audience. Neal plays the piano for Johnny.

  • 215 - Jane Tries to Pick a Stage Name for Johnny (11:04) - 2.5mb
    And, with business slowing down, Ace isn't thrilled when the bills come in for Jane's overspending on Johnny's professional wardrobe and accessories. Jane balks when Johnny's new music teacher wants him to study in Europe before singing professionally. Jane lines up a radio audition.

  • 216 - Johnny Is Cut from His Radio Spot (11:20) - 2.6mb
    Jane wants Ace and Marge to join her calling the station raving about Johnny's coming audition. Johnny is crestfallen when a network special pre-empts him, until he realises it's only a temporary pre-empt. The Aces and Marge don't realise the audition was postponed---the Aces' radio malfunctions during the allotted time.

  • 217 - Johnny Gets His Start on the Radio (10:52) - 2.5mb
    A shoe store chain owner wants to sponsor Johnny. Ace has four words of advice for Jane before she negotiates with the chain owner. Jane realises Johnny could finance his music education with the radio show.

  • 218 - Carl and Betty Break Up (11:10) - 2.6mb
    Jane is touched by Johnny's gratitude for his career launch. Neff's wedding gift to the newlyweds---$5,000 and an invitation to live in the Neff mansion for the time being---causes a rift that separates Betty and Carl, practically the moment the honeymoon trip ends.

  • 219 - Betty Talks to Jane About the Fight (12:04) - 2.8mb
    Jane tries to cheer Betty with breakfast in bed and a little advice on dealing with marital spats: "Bad coffee is grounds for divorce." Betty tells Jane how Carl accused her of golddigging.

  • 220 - The Aces Discuss Betty and Carl (10:59) - 2.5mb
    Ace and Jane explain to Marge that Carl wants to be the provider for Betty---including mink coats---and not have to rely on Uncle Neff's money. Neff doesn't know Betty and Carl are back, never mind separated. Ace wants to explain that much to Betty---before Carl comes to the house at Ace's invitation.

  • 221 - Betty Wants to Make Up with Carl (11:30) - 2.6mb
    The Aces, Betty and Carl continue keeping the rift a secret from Neff. Betty doesn't like Ace's explanation that the rift might affect his business partnership with Neff. Betty insists Carl should come to her to make up---a hint that she'd like to end the rift.

  • 222 - Betty and Carl Almost Make Up (11:23) - 2.6mb
    Ace is skeptical about Betty agreeing to give up the mink if Carl agrees to live in the mansion awhile. The Aces can't agree on who mediates for the kids until Marge steps in. Carl would rather let Betty keep the coat than live in the mansion---and reveals a surprising fact about the rift.

  • 223 - The Aces Plan a Fight for Betty and Carl (11:07) - 2.6mb
    Betty gives Jane the mink hoping Jane might sell it. Jane can't resist modeling the coat, which Ace can't afford to buy. Their debate over the coat inspires Marge to suggest they stage a fight and separation to shock Betty and Carl into reconciling.

  • 224 - The Aces Pretend to Have an Argument (11:33) - 2.6mb
    The Aces fake a separation perfectly: Jane stays at the house, Ace stays at the YMCA (where Carl is also staying), and Betty and Carl blame themselves for the Aces' "separation." Carl presses Ace and Betty presses Jane to reconcile. The Aces' scheme actually might have the effect they hoped for . . .

  • 225 - Carl and Betty are Happy (11:35) - 2.7mb
    Jane admits to Marge that she almost carried the act far enough to get on a train. Betty and Carl offer Jane the mink if she agrees to reconcile with Ace, bringing Ace back to the house. Carl and Betty kiss and make up---and the Aces admit they were faking. Except guess who doesn't want to give up the mink . . .

  • 226 - Jane Wants a Mink Coat (11:45) - 2.7mb
    Two society women promote a charity play scheme: they'll offer parts in the play to anyone who agrees to sell tickets to the play. Three guesses which pigeon in the Aces' nest falls for it hook, line, and stinker . . .

  • 227 - Jane Sells Tickets to a Charity Play (10:47) - 2.5mb
    Jane starts selling tickets to the play . . . and telling Ace, Marge, and Laura how many tickets they'll buy. Ace suggests Jane canvass the neighbourhood to sell the tickets. (Note: Announcer's introduction is missing at the beginning of the recording.)

  • 228 - Ace Gets Neff to Buy a Bunch of Tickets (11:49) - 2.7mb
    Not to mention Carl and Betty and the dinner guests Neff wants to have for the couple. Meanwhile, Jane fears too much time selling tickets means too little time to rehearse the role she expects to get.

  • 229 - Jane Is Given the Part of a Maid (11:20) - 2.6mb
    And a maid doesn't have half Jane's problem---she doesn't know the charity group is giving parts in the show to anyone selling tickets . . . and she doesn't realise what she signed was an agreement to take financial responsibility for un- or undersold tickets.

  • 230 - Jane Explains Her Part to Marge and Ace (11:13) - 2.6mb
    . . . in her inimitable style, including her unsuccessful tryout for the show's female lead. The lead goes to one Irene Lewis, who lands it too easily for Jane's taste---but who hopes to revive a stage career that's clashed with her marriage too long. Jane is named Irene's understudy. Ace and Marge urge Jane to make the most of her actual role---even if it's only one line.

  • 231 - Jane Rehearses - Ace Finds Out About the Tickets (12:08) - 2.8mb
    And isn't that awful when he does---after he gets an office visit from one of the charity women looking to sell him tickets to the show . . . and she inadvertently spills the proverbial beans about the ticket commitment and the trade-off.

  • 232 - Jane Finds Out She Owes Money for the Tickets (11:01) - 2.5mb
    "My brilliant roommate just threw away $132," Ace fumes to Marge upon coming home to confront Jane. He also learned Neff bought the thirty tickets he planned to buy---from someone else in the play. Ace finally manages to convince Jane she's stuck for unsold tickets at $3 a pop.

  • 233 - Jane's Phone Calls Interrupt Rehearsal (10:52) - 2.5mb
    Her idea: to unload her unsold tickets at bargain prices. Her problem: She may still have to make up the difference when the charity group insists on exercising the strict language of the ticket agreement.

  • 234 - Ace Gets Jane out of Selling the Tickets (11:35) - 2.7mb
    He hits the charity group with a technicality by which Jane can get away with the discount scheme with no unpleasant consequences . . . maybe.

  • 235 - Jane Prepares for Her Role (11:25) - 2.6mb
    With the ticket crisis behind, Jane can throw herself into her one-line role. Ace worries about how tired the rehearsals make Jane. Marge and Ace help Jane rehearse more calmly. The director and the charity group leader learn Irene's involvement has a potent and troublesome opponent.

  • 236 - The Star of the Play In a Shootout (10:52) - 2.5mb
    Jane arrives early for rehearsal, as the director, Hampton, is reviewing stage notes. Irene insists on speaking to Hampton privately---her husband threatened trouble unless she quits the show. Jane breaks Irene's tension with a laugh. Mr. Lewis barges loud---and armed---into the rehearsal . . .

  • 237 - Jane Tells Marge and Ace About the Shootout (11:10) - 2.6mb
    The whole cast agreed to keep quiet but Jane couldn't keep it from Ace and Marge, who are amazed---once they get through her long and winding verbiage, that is. Irene insists she'll be all right---and admits to Hampton that she's neglected her angry husband. She also hints at second thoughts about trying to revive her stage life.

  • 238 - Jane the Understudy Is Made Star of the Play (11:55) - 2.7mb
    The Aces and Marge get ready for show night. Irene is edgy after hearing nothing all day from her husband---until he threatens to expose the shootout during the show, if Irene doesn't quit before curtain time. Realising how deeply her neglect wounded him, Irene agrees to quit. Guess who's ready to step in for her---and turns the intended drama into a comic farce and a smash . . .

  • 239 - Jane Gets Rave Notices for Her Performance (11:02) - 2.5mb
    Marge and Ace (who left the show early suffering a dizzy spell) can't believe the next day's raves, which praise the unexpected farce for superceding "the usual dull drama" of such charity plays. While home alone, Jane gets a surprising phone call with a surprising offer.

  • 240 - Jane Gets an Offer in a Telegram (11:12) - 2.6mb
    The problem is, she doesn't believe it and tears it to pieces---because Ace sent her two fakes as a prank. Then she and Marge finally agree to help Ace reassemble the torn telegram.

  • 241 - Jane Wants Ace to See a Doctor (10:55) - 2.5mb
    He's been listless, a little overworked, and sleeping off schedule of late. But he insists it'll pass when Jane insists he get medical help.

  • 242 - Johnny Wants to Sell Life Insurance to Ace (11:22) - 2.6mb
    Taking up life insurance as a sideline, Johnny convinces Ace to add to his coverage. But the insurance doctor gets an unexpected surprise when he arrives at the Ace home---unaware Jane called her own doctor to examine Ace.

  • 243 - Johnny Tries to Explain Insurance to Jane (10:43) - 2.5mb
    The emphasis is on tries . . .

  • 244 - Jane Talks to a Doctor About Ace Being Tired (11:37) - 2.7mb
    Knowing he isn't ready to take it to a doctor just yet, Jane calls their doctor while Ace is asleep early again. Marge also thinks overwork may be affecting Ace. The doctor agrees to examine the sleeping Ace. Marge keeps Jane calm until the doctor's diagnosis proves good news.

  • 245 - A Bridge Game to Make Ace Forget His Heart (10:57) - 2.5mb
    "I'm a nervous man," Ace often says in crisis. That's exactly what his doctor concluded, after easing Ace's concern for his heart. After the doctor recommends more relaxation, Jane suggests a bridge game with Betty and Carl. With Jane as his partner, will curing Ace wear him out worse than his nerves did?

  • 246 - Ace Tries to Teach Jane Bridge Signals (11:03) - 2.5mb
    Because, as usual, Ace is befuddled by Jane's style of bridge---especially when she invites Betty and Carl over for an encore game after they gloated over beating Ace and Jane. So he re-teaches signals he once taught Jane before . . .

  • 247 - Jane Starts Taking Bridge Lessons (11:31) - 2.6mb
    Ace is concerned when he hasn't heard from partner Neff in several days. Betty thinks Neff isn't in good spirits for losing at bridge. That gives Ace an idea to soften him up for a further investment in their real estate business. Little does he know Jane's newest idea for improving her bridge game . . .

  • 248 - Ace Invites Neff for Bridge Expecting to Lose (11:27) - 2.6mb
    Jane's teacher, Mr. Jackson, remains dumbstruck at her confusing playing. Neff agrees to an evening of bridge at the Aces'. Marge agrees to be Neff's bridge partner against the Aces.

  • 249 - Neff Ends Up with Jane As His Bridge Partner (11:12) - 2.6mb
    Jane reviews her notes from Jackson's lessons. Neff isn't anxious to talk business just yet as it is, but Ace's plot gets a twist---Neff is superstitious about playing against husband/wife bridge partners exclusively for an evening.

  • 250 - Jane's Instructor Wants Her to Teach Bridge (11:35) - 2.7mb
    The kicker: Jackson thinks Jane would be the perfect example of how not to play the game.

  • 251 - Jane Is Used as Mrs. Average Player (11:44) - 2.7mb
    Jane and Jackson discuss his plan. Jackson assures Jane her real name won't come up in advertising. Jane works with her first class.

  • 252 - Ace Learns About Jane's Bridge-Playing Job (11:12) - 2.6mb
    After Jane and Marge enjoy a joke about changing fashions, Ace reads aloud the evening paper's story about Jackson's new teaching method and "Mrs. Average Player." But the laugh's on the other foot when he recognises "Mrs. Average Player's" very singular malaprops.

  • 253 - Jane Gives Another Lesson (11:02) - 2.5mb
    You've never heard a verbal bridge lesson quite like Jane's.

  • 254 - Jane Talks About Her Bridge Playing Job (11:27) - 2.6mb
    Ace needles Jane's instructional style while he and Marge pump her for more details about the job. There proves only one lit-tle problem with Jane's method among Jackson's students . . .

  • 255 - Jane's Bridge Method Becoms Popular (11:50) - 2.7mb
    Jackson has a problem: his students have begun playing bridge Jane's way. Jackson's aide insists on giving Jane a raise and a one-year contract when more students sign up eager to "learn" his new method.

  • 256 - Jane Discusses Her New Contract (11:24) - 2.6mb
    Arriving home before Jane, Marge amuses Ace by telling him she overheard women relaxing with bridge after learning Jane's topsy-turvy method. Ace is amazed to read a newspaper editorial praising "Mrs. Average Player's" style for returning bridge to a relaxing game.

  • 257 - Newspaper Wants to Interview Jane (11:20) - 2.6mb
    Isn't this awful: its reporter tricks Jane into revealing her real name---with pictures.

  • 258 - Everyone is Mad at Jane (11:16) - 2.6mb
    Ace gets phone calls from chagrinned husbands blaming him for their wives learning to play bizarro bridge. Jane can't convince Marge, Ace, or Jackson that she was duped into revealing her real name. Jackson fears his bridge instruction business is ruined while Ace fears his business reputation is likewise . . .

  • 259 - Jackson Runs a Bridge Scam (11:19) - 2.6mb
    After Ace arranged an apartment building superintendent's job for Jackson to make up for the bridge business collapse, tenants complain he's hustling them at bridge. The truth proves quite different . . . and ends up giving Jane, God help us, an idea. Except this is one idea for which she has an enthusiastic backer or two . . .

  • 260 - Jane Talks with Ace about a Bridge Business (11:45) - 2.7mb
    It's a service to provide fourths for bridge around town. Jane surprises Ace at his office---she's waiting for Marge (who plans to invest in the business) and Jackson (who'll serve as a teacher) to join her in renting an office from among a leery Ace's real estate properties. Ace can't talk Marge out of investing in Jane's fourths-for-bridge business.

  • 261 - Renting an Office for the Bridge Business (11:14) - 2.6mb
    Still leery about their planned bridge venture, Ace shows Jane, Marge, and Jackson an available office in the building housing his own. Then he makes the trio a surprising offer . . .

  • 262 - Planning the New Bridge Business (11:41) - 2.7mb
    Marge works on a classified newspaper ad for the new business, while Jane develops a radio ad and Jackson prepares to be the one who hires the players.

  • 263 - Ace Calls the Bridge Business As a Joke (11:43) - 2.7mb
    Marge lets slip to Ace that Jane's anxious waiting for the Fourth for Bridge phones to ring with its first customers. The big stinker can't resist having a little mad fun . . .

  • 264 - Jane Hires a Bridge Player (11:17) - 2.6mb
    Two young men catch and answer the Fourth for Bridge newspaper ad. Jane isn't ready to forgive Ace's gag, but then she gets a legitimate call from one of those two young men . . .

  • 265 - The New Player is a Card Shark (11:40) - 2.7mb
    Gullible Jane has hired Michael not knowing his particular and dubious skill with cards. A phone call looking for players has Jane and Marge thinking Ace is pulling another prank---until Ace walks into the Fourth for Bridge office while they're on the phone . . . (Note: Sound reception is somewhat muddy.)

  • 266 - First Day of Bridge Business (10:51) - 2.5mb
    Jackson reassures Marge and Jane. Marge and Jackson reassure the players they've hired before letting them go home for the day. Michael tells a confederate how simple it might be to hustle Fourth for Bridge.

  • 267 - Players Are Wanted as Dance Partners (11:01) - 2.5mb
    On day two of business Fourth for Bridge begins to attract customers. Jane turns down a lunch invitation from Ace. Other new customers think the business provides dance partners. Marge complains about the elevator operator until Ace suggests she retaliate. Jane is surprised when Marge decides against afternoon customers until the business's purpose is understood more generally.

  • 268 - The Business is Investigated (11:41) - 2.7mb
    Jane and Jackson pore over the first week's accounts. The business's newspaper ads attract attention---from the Better Business Bureau, after an irritated customer has suspicion about Michael's winning way. A bureau official suggests the customer invite Michael back the next night and observe him carefully. (Note: Muddy sound quality.)

  • 269 - Marge Quits Her Job (11:08) - 2.6mb
    Ace and Jane relax at home until Marge comes home. Marge, Jane, and Ace marvel at Michael's winnings. Michael catches on to Mr. Norris's suspicions---then, panged by conscience, urges his confederate to join him leaving town so no one will blame the business. Marge drops a bombshell on Ace and Jane. (Note: Muddy sound quality.)

  • 270 - Jane Is Upset Over the New Stenographer (11:27) - 2.6mb
    Jane frets when she fears Marge coming full time into Fourth for Bridge---and hiring a full-time stenographer---means her being eased out of the business. (Note: Muddy sound quality.)

  • 271 - Jane as Silent Partner Cracks the Whip (10:58) - 2.5mb
    Ace tries to convince Jane that she'll still share the bridge business profits and Marge isn't trying to ease her out. Neff barges in barking over Ace missing a critical office space deal. Marge orders full background checks on future players in Michael's wake. Silent partner Jane barks at Marge the way silent partner Neff barked at Ace. (Note: Muddy sound quality.)

  • 272 - Jane Meets the New Neighbor (11:24) - 2.6mb
    She's Ethel Fredericks, the wife of wealthy printer Baxter Fredericks: Laura has met her through her own maid. Jane's idea for how to meet her---when she and her husband are barely moved in next door---amuses Ace and Marge to a point.

  • 273 - Jane Takes Marriage Lessons from Mrs Fredericks (11:22) - 2.6mb
    Whether they're the kind of marriage lessons that conduce to a truly happy marriage, however, remains to be seen: Ethel meddles incessantly in Baxter's business, turning on the charm with customers, taking credit when he closes the deals, refusing him to do business on his own. Baxter can barely tell anyone he isn't amused. (Note: Distorted sound quality.)

  • 274 - Jane Gets an Idea to Help Ace (11:10) - 2.6mb
    At Ethel's insistence, Jane---always eager to help Ace's success as it is---learns just how and how far to go in "helping" your husband's business success. Jane comes home and insists Laura help her remake Ace's modest business wardrobe. Ace balks at the remake. (Distorted sound quality.)

  • 275 - Jane Learns How to Help Ace in the Office (10:48) - 2.5mb
    "Now, relapse, dear---remember your blood pleasure," Jane often likes to say. Well, Ace just might, and never mind his blood pleasure, when she presses on with his wardrobe remake. Jane can't understand why Ace won't let her upgrade him. Ace isn't really aware yet that Ethel is goading Jane. (Distorted sound quality.)

  • 276 - Jane Butters Up Ace's Customer (11:43) - 2.7mb
    Ethel invites Jane to watch first-hand how she secures a particularly tough customer for Baxter. Ace tries selling his own tough customer, Tumley---a knowing friend of miser Neff's---on a site to build a parking garage. The two men enjoy a laugh over Neff's stinginess when Jane comes to the office and amuses Tumley in her own right . . . (Distorted sound quality.)

  • 277 - Ace's Customer Comes to Dinner (11:33) - 2.6mb
    Over dinner at the Aces' Tumley is further amused by Jane, to Ace's chagrin. Marge tries to assure Ace that loosening up Tumley might be just the way for suspicious Ace to close the deal after all. Ace still has no suspicion as to who's been training Jane on charming the customer . . . yet. Tumley poses a question about marriage. (Note: Distorted sound quality.)

  • 278 - Neff Spoils the Deal over $5 (11:26) - 2.6mb
    Jane briefs Ethel about how she charmed Tumley at dinner last night. Ace tells Neff Chumley will come to the office to buy the garage plot. Neff balks when Tumley asks to cut the price by five dollars. Ace sides with Tumley, who can't resist inviting Jane to lunch when she arrives unexpectedly . . . (Distorted sound quality.)

  • 279 - Jane Gets the Customer to Sign the Deal (11:14) - 2.6mb
    Home from the office with his deal in limbo, Ace begins to suspect Ethel's influence. Marge seems to put two and two together and confirm it when Jane arrives home, after spending the afternoon with Tumley---who agreed to sign the deal after all. (Distorted sound quality.)

  • 280 - Mr. Fredericks Warns Ace About Jane (11:07) - 2.6mb
    Baxter surprises Ace with an office visit---and a confession of his years-long misery. Ace is surprised when Baxter says it'll be easier to thwart rookie Jane than experienced Ethel. Ethel encourages Jane to continue after her first apparent success. (Distorted sound quality.)

  • 281 - Jane Wants to Hire a Butler (11:03) - 2.5mb
    Guess whose idea that was, after Jane sees Laura can't grasp the upper-crust way of serving meals. After Jane goes out for awhile, Ace reveals Baxter's confession and warning, as well as the failed plot to break Ethel's buttinski style through Neff. Baxter visits Ace and meets Marge for the first time . . . (Some distortion.)

  • 282 - A New Plan to Get Jane out of Ace's Business (10:58) - 2.5mb
    Ace and Marge hatch new plot to get Baxter out from under Ethel's meddling---with Marge posing as a new printing business client. They hope it helps get Jane out of Ace's business hair in the bargain. Baxter calls Ethel nervously to say he'll have dinner in town with a new customer. Jane tells Ethel she wouldn't want her own husband having even a "strictly business" dinner with an unknown woman . . . (Distorted sound quality.)

  • 283 - Mrs. Fredericks is Jealous (10:21) - 2.4mb
    Ethel finds strands of unknown hair on Baxter's suit and in his pockets, when she searches his clothes as usual the next morning. Marge tells Ace she left the hairs deliberately and furtively, after Baxter balked at taking her pocket vanity as part of the ruse. (Some distortion.)

  • 284 - Mrs Frederic Suspects Marge Wants Baxter (10:51) - 2.5mb
    . . . and, it could spell trouble when Baxter has a dinner engagement with a genuine woman customer. Jane chides Ace over his and Marge's joke. Ace is shattered when Jane tells him Ethel doesn't believe it was a joke. Jane defends absent Marge when Ethel accuses her of trying to hook Baxter. Marge dines downtown to avoid an argument with Ethel. (Some distortion.)

  • 285 - Jane Suspects Marge (10:09) - 2.3mb
    "Time wounds all heels," says Jane . . . after Ethel tries to catch Baxter "in the act" with a private detective while Marge has dinner on her own downtown; after she has a moment's suspicion herself about Marge; after Jackson and not Marge answers the Fourth for Bridge office phone after dinner; and, after Ethel ruins Baxter's deal, for which an oddly satisfied Baxter drags her to face Ace, Jane, and Marge. (Some distortion.)

  • Jane Sells Paintings (13:53) - 3.2mb
    Matchmaker Jane thinks selling a promising artist's paintings will help him marry his fiancee.

    (This is one of the few available Easy Aces recordings to include the Goodman Ace sign-on, the opening and closing themes, and Anacin spots. The theme, "Manhattan Serenade," is now played by an accordionist.)

  • 1935-xx-xx - Aunt Louise's Hunger Strike (14:42) - 3.4mb
    Jane's crotchety Aunt Louise refuses to eat or get out of bed until someone can determine what's wrong with her.

    (Same sign-on, opening and closing theme style, and Anacin spots as "Jane Sells Paintings.")

  • 1935-xx-xx - Jane Tries to Sell Artist Pictures (14:29) - 3.3mb

  • 1941-04-17 - Betty Leaves Carl over the Baby's Name (14:53) - 3.4mb
    He says "Susan." She says "Sheila." Jane says a mouthful when allowing Betty to stay with the Aces until it blows over.

    (This also includes the original sign-on, opening and closing themes, and Anacin commercials. The music themes are slightly re-arranged, and are played on an organ and a celeste.)

  • 1941-05-13 - Jane Smashes the Car (14:39) - 3.4mb
    The separated Aces and Neffs outsmart themselves in the middle of Jane's scheme for selling the Aces' furniture at auction and buying it back to a profit. Ace borrows Carl's car to go back to the house. Jane has to back Betty's car out of the driveway to take Ace's car to go to the Neff apartment. They're all a smash when they meet just off the Ace driveway . . .

    (Another complete recording. Same sign-on and opening and closing music as "Betty Leaves Carl Over the Baby's Name.")

  • 1943-01-21 - Jane Helps the War Effort (12:57) - 3.0mb
    Jane and her friend Dorothy hire on as wartime bus drivers. She drives her bosses to drink faster than she gets the war workers to their wartime jobs---especially when she debates "manhours" . . .

    (Lacks opening and closing music theme but includes opening and closing Anacin commercials.)

mr. ace and JANE

  • 48-01-06 - Paul Tries to Borrow Two Hundred Dollars (Audition Show) (13:59) - 3.2mb
    Ace: Well, you've heard of people who live by their wits. Paul lives by his wits. Of course, if that's living it's only by half. The other half Jane takes care of.

    Jane's freeloading brother Paul needs $200 for a birthday gift---a tonsillectomy for his wife. Jane needs a second signature to co-sign the loan---three guesses whom she tricks into it. (Hint: He just earned high marks for a cigarette ad campaign.)

    This was the audition program for mr. ace and JANE on CBS; the script was later divided and remade into two separate regular series episodes, "Loan Company" and "Cigarette Slogan." This audition also doesn't include the live studio audience and large orchestra used in the series; the music accompaniment is by a solo pianist.

    Ace is now depicted as being in the advertising business. Eric Dressler plays his new boss, Mr. Norris; and, Leon Janney plays Paul, the brother-in-law who replaces Johnny from the original Easy Aces. Ken Roberts, who played adult orphan Cokie in Easy Aces, is now the show's announcer. He also plays himself as the Aces' next-door neighbour.

  • 48-02-14 - You Don't Send Me Flowers (29:59) - 6.9mb
    This file name does not match the episode.

  • 48-02-21 - You Don't Send Me Flowers (29:53) - 6.9mb
    Ace: First, I'd like to say I'd like to dedicate this story to all the husbands who will some day marry Jane.

    Jane's convinced that getting flowers when it isn't a special occasion means trouble of the other-woman kind---even if it's only Ace's new advertising client, a lady candy manufacturer.

  • 48-02-28 - Hiring a Maid (30:10) - 6.9mb
    Ace: There comes a time in every man's life when he has to bring a prospective customer home for dinner. In a situation like that, a man likes to think of his wife as the little woman who helps him close the deal. I like to think of Jane that way. Excuse me a minute while I do. (Pause.) Well, enough daydreaming.

    Ace wants Jane to hire a one-night-only maid to impress his new client, a wealthy and lecherous soap manufacturer---who inadvertently hires Jane as his maid.

  • 48-03-13 - Jury Duty (28:56) - 6.6mb
    Ace: Jane weighed in on the scales of justice at 105, wearing purple trunks and an off-the-face hat. In the other corner, in the black robe, her very capable opponent, the judge, at 178. That's blood pressure.

    Disorder in the court---Jane gets a summons for jury duty and Paul turns up as a surprise witness.

  • 48-03-20 - The Mink Coat (29:16) - 6.7mb
    Ace: No man is an island---particularly on Manhattan. Because our lives are knitted together in one stitched pattern. What you do depends on what I do---what I do depends on what Jane does---oops, dropped a stitch . . .

    All Ace had to do was promise Jane a new mink coat if he landed a major paint advertising account. It nearly plotzed half Manhattan's economy, seemingly . . .

  • 48-03-27 - Sally is Fired (29:08) - 6.7mb
    Ace: In every man's life, there are three women: his mother, his wife, and his secretary down at the office. What happened to me last week I blame entirely on my mother. Mother should have told me I would someday marry Jane, and Jane would make me hire her cousin, Miss Anderson, as my secretary.

    It's not that Ace wouldn't mind canning his barely-competent secretary. But what he minds are the boss's orders to dump all relatives in the advertising firm---when the boss's wife is jamming one of her newly-arrived relatives down his throat . . .

  • 48-04-03 - Cigarette Slogan (29:22) - 6.7mb
    Ace: In my office, I'm known as the idea man. Every time Mr. Norris catches me lounging around, he says, "What's the idea?" He doesn't know I do my important thinking when I'm lounging.

    Paul, who lives by his wits and everyone else's wit, tries to steal credit for Ace's clever new cigarette ad campaign idea. (This is the expanded version of a shorter story that was part of the show's audition transcription.)

  • 48-04-10 - Lawsuits (29:26) - 6.8mb
    Ace: There comes a time in every man's life when his wife starts asking him for a little extra pin money. It doesn't seem like much---but have you tried pins at Tiffany's lately?

    "Janette and Paulette" get pinned for lawsuits after they dream up a hat rental business, get bought out on their first day's operation, then try cancelling the six-month classified ad they bought to promote the business in the first place. And Jane gets pinned in a rematch with Judge Edwards.

  • 48-04-17 - Quiz Show (28:41) - 6.6mb
    Ace: Unbeknownst to me, as they might say on Monday through Friday on Our Gal Sunday, Jane and Paul went down to the studio to get on our quiz program.

    That was after neighbour Ken Roberts, who announces for the show, inadvertently dropped a show script---including questions and answers---on the Aces' chair before leaving, leaving shifty Paul to grab it and coax his gullible sister into going on the show, with the answers in advance, and cleaning up in winnings---unaware that Ace's firm sponsors the show, making her ineligible.

    (This episode was a rewritten condensation of the three-part quiz show sequence from Easy Aces. Real-life game host and comedian Robert Q. Lewis, for whose own show Goodman Ace would write in due course, plays himself.)

  • 48-04-24 - Bridge Game (29:00) - 6.7mb
    Ace: Have you ever run across those frightening little medical ads in magazines that say, "Men! Do you wake up mornings?" Underneath that, they list a lot of symptoms. And if you read the symptoms long enough, you get all of them. The other morning I woke up feeling terrible. Something I read, no doubt.

    A bridge game is just what Dr. Jane ordered. A bridge game with Dr. Jane is just what the ulcers ordered.

  • 48-05-01 - Did You Ever See a Dream Walking (29:10) - 6.7mb
    Ace: I'm sure at one time or another all of you have gotten a tip on a racehorse. Somebody told you he'd walk in. And he does walk in. The only trouble is, the other horses ran.

    Jane can't wait to get down a can't-lose bet on the horse of her dreams . . . who ran in her dreams. Ace can't wait for the nightmare to place.

  • 48-05-08 - Baby Food (29:51) - 6.8mb
    Ace: Last week, they handed me a rather distasteful assignment at the advertising agency where I work: they asked me to prepare an advertising campaign for a brand-new baby food that was due to come out on the market. They sent me a sample of the stuff. It looked like strained moss. And I'm sure no self-respecting baby in his right mind would ever walk into a restaurant and order this stuff.

    But even a self-respecting baby might get himself left on the Aces' doorstep the day Ace plans to bring this new baby food maker home to dinner.

  • 48-06-04 - That is No Lady, That is My Wife (27:14) - 6.2mb
    Ace: First, I want to say that the two principal characters in this story are not fictitious. Very often, I wish to heaven that I were. And any similarity to persons alive or on transcription is purely intentional.

    Under pressure from an automobile advertiser who wants them back, Ace has to convince a retired husband-and-wife comedy team to return to radio. They quit because nobody believed a harried husband and his scatterbrained, malapropping wife were believable. All Ace has to do, then, is invite them to dine at his house, with his scatterbrained, malapropping wife.

    (This is one of the classic self-parodies of old-time radio.)

  • 48-xx-xx - Jane Goes to a Psychiatrist (Excerpt) (5:55) - 1.0mb
    Ace: Well, I tried to stop her, but Jane insisted she had to go to a psychiatrist. After a week of visits, and with a little rest and care, I'm happy to announce that the psychiatrist will be out in a few months.

    Excerpt from an episode in which the wife of Ace's boss bumps into Jane and hypes up psychoanalysis, and Jane tries to convince Ace she should have her head examined.

    (This excerpt was originally featured on both sides of a seven-inch, soft-vinyl record that was included with Ladies and Gentlemen--Easy Aces, a 1970 book of scripts composed by writer and co-star Goodman Ace. The segment between Jane and Mrs. Norris took up side one; the segment between Goodman and Jane Ace took up side two.)

  • 48-xx-xx - Jane Wants to Act (3:40) - 0.6mb
    After all, she gets the smell of the old goose grease. She wants to get behind the footnotes. She wants to see her name up in tights . . .


  • 1970-12-xx - Interview with Goodman Ace (30:33) - 7.0mb
    Richard Lamparski of WBAI-FM (Long Island), author of the best-selling Whatever Happened To . . .? series, sits with Mr. Ace, discussing the publication of Ladies and Gentlemen--Easy Aces, plus his post-Easy Aces career as a comedy writer, magazine columnist, and occasional public radio commentator.
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